Thursday, September 19, 2013


There have been so many changes in our lives that I can not blog about it all right now.  The biggest change is that I've resigned from my job as the HR Coordinator for Genova Diagnostics to be available 24/7 for my family, who all need more more now than ever before.  But here are the changes that have happened since the last time I blogged.  As soon as I find a free moment, Iwill attempt to blog all about it.
*Kellen is saying many more words!!!  He goes for his first speech consult on Wednesday and I am very excited for that!
*Grayson turned 1!!!  We had a great party for him!
*Evan's health continues to concern us all.
*Evan and I celebrated 9 years of marriage!
*I turned 36, but still feel like I just graduated high school!
*We had a great trip to PA!
*Grayson is a full on toddler!  He gets into everything and climbs on everything!
*Stacey's journey of getting her Haitian beauties are getting closer and closer!

I promise to catch everyone up, but right now my 2 very cute bosses are calling my name!