Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Follow Up

I just have to say that I still honestly don't think that Kellen is autistic.  I know I am the mom, and I am very, ok, EXTREMELY protective over my babies and I think that they are the most perfect little babies in the entire world, but also, since I am the mom I REALLY know my children.  Better than anyone.  And I have the mommy instinct, something that I trust more than any drs opinion.  Several others who know my Kellen, who have interacted with, who brought their children to play with Kellen all truly feel that he is not autistic.  He doesn't do any of the typical autistic traits that a child with autism has, besides the fact that his speech is between a 12-16 month old.  I don't deny that he has a speech delay, but thats it.  I still don't think he is autistic, but since its now on paper, I will go through what I need to, just in case.  I don't think it will hurt him, I think it will help him in fact, and teach me ways to work better with him.  I am staying positive, instead of crumbling in fear.  I will not live my life in fear.

The appointment yesterday went so much better than I expected.  We met with the dr from the Autism evaluation.  He went over his write up of the previous evaluation and answered all the questions that Evan and I had.  It was helpful to have Evan there, he asked questions that I hadn't thought of, and the support of both Evan and I is exactly what Kellen needs.  Evan and I agreed that neither one of us would never miss a single appointment or therapy session.  Kellen will always feel the support from BOTH of us.  I was given more paperwork, more reading, and I was instructed to set up several appointments.  He will see a behavioral specialist to help show us how to deal with Kellen's melt downs when he acts like a typical 2 year old...or slightly more intense.  He will see a Speech Pathologist, which I've been waiting for!  I can't wait to see what this dr will do for him!  I am enrolling him in a few programs, some of which will come to our home to observe Kellen and give us ideas how to work at "joint communication".  So, its going to be even busier at our home, but bring it on!  My boy will master all these obstacles!  During the appointment his dr told us why it was important to move forward with the blood draw.  Apparently there are some very scary forms of Autism, one being Factor X.  And this can be determined by a blood draw.  My heart sank as I imagined Kellen kicking and screaming while the nurses held him down and talked about sedating him.  I thought, this is going to be a nightmare.  So, we thought it would be best if Evan took Grayson home (one less kid to think about) and I would stay with Kellen.  *sigh*  I carried Kellen into the lab where we were greeted by 2 nurses who immediately welcomed us and swooned over my beautiful Kellen.  We went to a room, sat on a chair, and I placed Kellen on my lap.  The nurse told me to hold his left arm down by wrapping my right arm around his chest to his arm, and with my left hand I was to wrap my arm around his chest and hold his right shoulder.  She told me when she says, "give Kellen a hug" I need to give Kellen a big bear hug.  My heart started to beat faster!  I heard my instructions and I hugged him and kissed his cheek.  Kellen squirmed a little and did a little whine, so my instincts kicked in and I started singing his favorite song, the ABC song.  The nurses sang along too!  They were taking 3 vials of blood from him, so it took a few minutes, but the entire time that needle was in his arm, he remained calm and didn't even cry!  I swear, Kellen is amazing!!!  I am SO proud of him!!!  What a trooper!  And, I have to give those nurses props for doing such a good job!!!  They wrapped his arm with bandages and let him pick out a sticker.  We were on our way home.  I was so happy to be leaving that place, so we got goofy, took pictures, and sang songs on the drive home.  As soon as we got home, Kellen went down for a late nap.  OH!  I forgot to mention that all of this happened in the middle of his nap time!  Yes, he is an even BIGGER trooper!  I love that boy!

Here are some pictures from the appointment and our goofy drive home. :)

Looking at his Thomas sticker


 Getting sleepy

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sarita edgerton said...

Ok so listen. My cousin didn't speak until he was 4. He is not autistic. If he is autistic, then so what! You will be a great mom and he your great son! Love him! Teach him! Cherish him!