Tuesday, June 18, 2013

FINALLY Kellen's Upcoming Appt and 11 months

I've mentioned Kellen's speech issues before, and was referred to see a specialist...and have an autism evaluation.  His pediatrician saw something that scared him, and I've seen it before too.  I guess its the years of working in the developmental day program that helped me connect some of the dots.  After waiting 6 months for a freaking appointment, the day is FINALLY here! Kellen's autism evaluation day is here! His appt is at 1:00 and I took the day off for it. I am SO nervous and scared! I don't know what to expect. I don't know if I will be in the room with him. I don't know if he will be scared if I am not. I am just a nervous wreck. I am glad that he is getting evaluated though. He isn't saying many words at all and that really scares me. I just hope that he has a speech delay, not autism. My poor baby. I know its hard for him. He gets so frustrated when we can't figure out what his gestures mean and why he cries or screams. We need answers. We need to help my baby boy.
 On the other hand, Gray turned 11 months old yesterday!  1 more month until this crazy boy is ONE YEAR OLD!!!  I can't believe it.  So, this is what my little monster is up to...
*pulling up on everything
*crawls super fast everywhere
*separation anxiety
*loves to play outside
*sleeps like a dream!!  12 hours at night, and a 2 hour nap during the day!  LOVE!!
*big fat feet!
*size 4 diapers
*12 month clothing 
*love playing with this little flute, you carry it everywhere!
*you drink about 6 bottles, and eat lunch and dinner.  You love dinner, and you eat a lot, but you still want your milkie too!
*you absolutely LOVE it when we sing Patty cake, you love it!  You try to sing it with me, you are so cute!  You say, "daddy cake, daddy cake, daddy cake" and clap your hands, I swear its the best!  Daddy loves it too! ;)
*you like to clap your hands
*you scream when your brother screams
*you love it when Kellen plays with you, not so much when he is rough with you.  But you are starting to stick up for yourself and push him away or hit him when he gets rough.
*you love to play ball.  You toss it up and watch it bounce.
*your growing TOO fast!  But I love you more and more every single day.

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The Phillips Family said...

I believe he just a quiet little boy with a super intelligent mind and a very sensitive sweet heart with maybe a bit of a temper...so, he's learning and listening and maybe gets just a little frustrated or even mad for all kinds of reasons other than something may be "wrong"...because no way there is anything other than totally right about him no matter what any doctor or test/evaluation may say...and I don't think or certainly hope that nothing is "found" but if so he has the absolute best parents and you will be able to help...no doubt :) You are so amazing, Lisa, and are just the most amazing SUPER MOMMY with all you do for your family - so, no worries and be assured that God has given you everything that you can handle and you will look awesome the whole time (ha) and will be totally impressive as you always are...love you, miss you and saying prayers for you...sending HUGS, KISSES AND LOTS OF LOVE your way too! <3 always...Aunt Annie