Thursday, April 18, 2013

Grayson is 9 months old!!!

Sweet baby Gray,

Today you turn 9 months old!  You have changed and grown so much this past month!  I don't know where to start!  Your personality is starting to shine and I absolutely love watching you develop into an even sweeter little boy.  It makes me sad to see you growing out of the newborn/infant life into a toddler, but so happy at the same time.  I know I say it all the time, "You're growing too fast", and, "Time is flying by", and, "I can't believe how much older you are getting", but its so true.  You really are growing up so fast! I wish I could make you stop so that I can cherish these days a little more, a little longer.  But I can't.  And, a part of me doesn't want to either.  I love seeing all of your new developments, all your changes.  It seems everyday you are doing something different!  And everyday I admire everything about you.  I made a promise the days you and Kellen were born.  I promised that every day I will tell you and your brother that I love you.  And I have kept that promise.  I want you to know how much I love you every-single-day.  Even when you are grown into a man, with a wife, with children and a family of your own, I will tell you that I love you.  I hope and pray you know just how much.  Here is a list of what you have been up to this past month.

*you are trying to hard to crawl!  You are so close and so strong.  I know it won't be much longer.
*you love to lift your legs up with your cute little chubby hands and play with your feet.  Its so cute!!
*you and Kellen have started to play together.  Just last night you and Kellen were playing and I got it on video!  Kellen was laughing and screaming as the sat on the edge of mum and dad's bed and would throw himself backwards onto the bed, every single time he did it, you would crack up laughing so hard!  You thought it was so funny!  You guys placed that game for at least 5 minutes!  Mum and dad were laughing at you two.
*I am trying to teach you how to stand up while holding onto something.  You will stand there for a little bit, but your legs aren't quite strong enough yet.
*You aren't eating as much solid foods right now.  But, you drink a lot of milk.  I am still making breast milk, so that is really good for you.  I am worried that you might have reflux.  I am going to call your pediatrician today to see what they say.  You spit up a lot (I think its a lot, its anywhere between 1-3 ounces) after a lot of your feedings.  So, in case your belly hurts we aren't giving you as much solid foods.  You eat a little bit of  (cereal and a veg or fruit mixed together, or puffs, cheerios, yogurt melts or bits of banana) but only 1 or 2 times a day.  You aren't losing weight, which is good, but you have diarrhea and your crying a lot more than normal.  I thought you were just going through separation anxiety, but now I am thinking that the crying is related to the possible reflux.  IDK, but I WILL figure it out and help you.
*you have become very hard to change your diaper!  You don't want to lay still for long enough for me to change you!
*you also dont like it when I put your clothes on!  Especially your shirt!  You much rather be a naked baby!
*I put you on the swing for the first time this month and you love it!  You really love being outside!
*your favorite thing to do is to be held by your mum.
*your favorite toys are crazy bear, Sophie the giraffe and Kellen's VTech walker.
*size 4 diapers
*size 9-12 month clothes
*5 teeth and another on the way

I've taken lots of pictures of course and will share some of those soon.  But for now,

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