Monday, March 25, 2013

Cute and Not So Cute

The past week has brought some really cute developments, and a not so cute development.  Cute first!  Grayson is now getting up on his knees in crawling position!  And he rocks back and forth!  He is going to start crawling soon!!!  He is now in the blowing raspberry phase too!  And, he started doing this cute little dance where he rocks his shoulders back and forth!  OMG, I love it!  And he shakes his head "no" now too!  What a stinking cute!  Kellen continues to make my heart smile!  He started giving REAL kisses!!!  He leans in and gives me a kiss ANY time I ask for one!  LOVE!!  He gives Evan and Grayson kisses too!  Gosh I love that kid!  Char and Amber took Kellen to a birthday party and he had a blast! 

Ok, the not so cute.  Grayson is trying so hard to NOT nap during the day!  He actually succeeded yesterday too.  Exhausting!  He didn't eat much either, so maybe he is just going through some change.  As for Kellen, he is still not saying many words, and its obviously very frustrating for him.  He will be seeing a speech pathologist next Tuesday and I hope she gives me some tips!  Anyways, when we tell him "no", or stop him from doing something that he wants to do, he ear piercingly screams.  Oh man.  Its rough!

Picture update to come soon!

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