Saturday, January 19, 2013

Christmas 2012 and New Year 2013

This Christmas was by FAR the best Christmas I have ever had!  I got into the Christmas spirit really early and couldn't wait to put up our tree.  We ended up getting our tree the first weekend in December.  It was SO pretty!  I decorated it all red and gold, my favorite Christmas colors and our wedding colors too.  I took probably a hundred pictures of the tree and lots of pictures of Kellen helping decorate it and Grayson laying underneath it staring at the lights.  Grayson loved laying under the tree looking at all the lights.  I wanted to decorate a lot outside, so I strung lights outside on the back porch so Kellen could see them from his bedroom window.  Kellen loved looking at the lights outside.  We would go for a ride at night specifically in search of lights.  2 days after we decorated the tree, I was making dinner.  Grayson was napping in his swing in the kitchen and Kellen was playing in the living room.  I noticed that Kellen was being extremely quiet, so I peeked into the iving room and saw that Kellen had taken the bottom half of the decorations off the tree!!  I had to laugh as I tightened all the ornaments back on the tree, it never looked as nice as I had made it after that.  He is only 2, what can you expect!  We watched lots of Christmas shows and cartoons this year.  I wanted Kellen to have an idea of what was coming, the most wonderful time of the year! 

On Christmas eve we continued our tradition of opening our new Christmas jammies.  And we all went to bed wearing them.  I was so excited to see Kellen's reaction when he opened his bedroom door on Christmas morning.  I went to bed too late, and got up too early!  I opened Kellen's door and he did a triple take when he saw ALL those presents under the tree!  Some were unwrapped, so he immediately smiled and giggled as he ran to the tree and started playing with his toys.  He was SO excited!!!!  And Evan and I LOVED watching his reaction!

The boys had so many presents to open that we decided not to over stimulate Kellen and just let him play with a few at a time.  We opened one or two presents a day for about a week!  No joke!!  His last present was opened on New Years! That worked out really well!  Thank you everyone who sent our boys Christmas presents!!!  Thank you for making our Christmas so special!

I took lots of time off for Christmas and New Years, it was GREAT spending the time at home with my boys.  Evan had to work early on New Years Eve, so I took the boys to Target and got some stuff for NYE.  We got home, ate and then Evan got home.  We watched the ball drop and then we all crashed.  Happy New Years!  I think 2013 is going to be GREAT!!!  And I won't be pregnant!!! :)


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