Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Grayson's first food! (Pic and vid)

On Grayson's 5 month 1 day birthday I gave him his first taste of cereal.  He's been eating like crazy, watching us eat, smiles when he sees us eat, he sits up very well (assisted still) and is just looking at me like he was ready to try it, so I did!  He loved it!  In the video I took of literately the first taste he got, you can hear him going, "mmmmm" as he leans towards the spoon!!  I was nervous, but it went great!  I will continue to give him cereal until Saturday, but then we are going to try applesauce!


After the video was over I ended up making him more and snapped these pics.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Super Scary Video

Yes, I am way behind in my blogging, I know and I am sorry!  I've been dealing with a teething baby who is also going through a growth spurt, and Kellen who, well, is always running around non-stop!  I did tweak my work schedule a little, so hopefully that will help.  I promise I will update my blog soon, but here is a super scary video!  Shield your eyes from the growler! Also, this video was taken last weekend.