Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I Want To Remember.

Last night was a night that I want to remember.  When I get home from work, Kellen wakes up from his nap and right before I get home from work, Grayson is just starting to nap.  So, I get about an hour of alone time with Kellen.  We play, we snuggle, we watch Elmo.  I love that mommy and Kellen alone time.  Then Grayson wakes up, we eat dinner, bath, play and get ready for bed.  Kellen goes to bed around 9:30 then I pump.  While I pump, Grayson sits in his bouncy chair smiling at me the whole entire time.  I get myself ready for bed, then I get Grayson in his sleep sack.  Then for about an hour, I have my alone time with Grayson.  I swear, I live for those 2 hours.  My hour alone with Kellen and my hour alone with Grayson. Grayson and I lay on the bed and play and talk back and forth.  Last night I laid him in his crib (which is side carred to our bed) and turned on his seahorse.  In the dark I laid there watching him talk to his seahorse, pucker his lips as he intently studied that seahorse, and reach for it with his sweet little hand.  After a few minutes the seahorse dims and the light goes out.  I wanted more time, so I turned it back on several more times, staring at little Grayson.  I did this for about 30 minutes.  I started to rub Grayson's belly and he instantly started to drift off to sleep, closing his eyes little by little until he was sound asleep.

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