Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Kellen!

Happy Birthday Kellen!  Two years old already!  Words can not come close to saying everything that I would like to say to you.  I look at you and tear up and smile.  You are more than I deserve.  A huge piece of my heart belongs to you, my first baby.  I remember so vividly the day you came to be with us, I can close my eyes and remember when you were born you came out screaming, but as soon as the dr placed you on my chest you immediately stopped crying.  What an incredible feeling.  Now, my favorite memories of you are when you wake up from your nap how you have those sleepy squinty eyes and want nothing more than to drink your milk and sit on my lap.  You've recently gotten more snugly with me and I love it!  Your laugh, oh my, your laugh would brighten even the darkest days, it is SO precious.  It reminds me that all is good, I love your laugh!  You sleep so well, most nights are about 10 hours.  We lay you in your bed and as soon as we say, night-night, love you, and close the door your run over to the door with your stuffed animal (or Elmo) and your favorite blankie and fall asleep on the floor.  You've done it for a year straight now.  And every night before I go to bed I scoop you up and lay you back into bed.  You still sleep with your legs curled in and your little bum sticks up, SO cute!  You nap for about 2 hours, and let me tell you how thankful I am for that!  You don't talk much, but you understand everything!  You can follow direction...when you want to!  You love to color, so lots of times while I am making dinner I will sit you in your highchair with crayons and your coloring book and you will color and watch me cook.  You also love the computer!  You like to click the mouse and all the keys.  I really want to find you a toddler computer for Christmas.  We will see!  I think your favorite playtime is when daddy takes you to the field to run and play, or when we go to the play ground.  You love going down the big slides and running back and forth between all the play sets.  You love being outside, dad takes you outside every day, unless its freezing or raining.  You like taking baths!  The days when its cold or rainy out dad gives you a bath and you have so much fun.  Now you try and swim in the water!  I am working more on teaching you self care, speech and pottying.  I don't think that you will truly potty train for a little while longer, I just don't think your ready yet, and I know I don't have the patience and time to do that yet.  When your little brother is a little more independent I will teach you.  You are so quick to grasp concepts, so I don't think it will take you long.  You are very, very smart.  You just don't tell anyone!  I have no idea how tall you are or how much you weigh, you haven't gone for your 2 year check up yet.  But I know that you are wearing 18-24 month clothes.  The pants are tricky right now.  They are usually to big around your little waist, and too long for your legs.  You are very good to your brother.  I am very proud of the way you have adjusted to having a new member in our family.  For 22 months it was just me you and daddy, and you got all of our attention.  Now we are splitting our time between you and Grayson and you have accepted the change so well.  You never try and hurt him, in fact, at night after we've read your 2 night time books, I tell you to give me a kiss, and you do, then I tell you to give Grayson a kiss, and you do.  Seeing you respond the way you have with him melts my heart.  I love you so much my little bean, my sunshine.  Happy 2nd birthday!

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 You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.  
You make me happy, when skies are grey.  
You'll never know dear, how much I love you.  
Please don't take my sunshine away.

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