Monday, October 22, 2012

3 Months and an Old Soul

- bumbo
- laughing
- talking
- so close to rolling over
- starting to dislike tummy time
- tries to hold or touch his bottle
- melts my heart
- loves his brother
- size 2 diapers are getting snug

On October 17, Grayson turned a WHOPPING 3 months old!  Haha!  I know, he is so little, but 3 months FEEL like 3weeks, BUT I feel like I've known Grayson for ever.  The other day I held him and was doing what I always do, which is stare at every feature on his sweet little face and just felt like I've always known him.  I know, it sounds weird.  And I remember holding him just minutes after he was born feeling like I've seen him before.  He doesn't look a lot like Kellen, and he really didn't look like Kellen when he was born, so I know its not that I was comparing him to his brother.  I talked to Evan about this and he feels the same way.  I guess you would say that Grayson is an old soul.  I am so thankful that God sent him to be with us.

Diaper Size: Size 2
Clothing Size: mostly 3-6 month, some 6 month too.
Sleep:   I am still trying to get us to bed earlier.  Sometimes I can get him in bed by 10:30, but its not too often.  Its not because he wont sleep, its that I get Kellen to bed around 9:30, then I pump, then I get myself showered and ready for bed.  Then I feed him and usually by that time its 11.  I think he would actually go to sleep by 10, but I just can't get myself ready that soon after Kellen.  He sleeps non-stop until about 8:30am!  He eats and falls back to sleep within 30 minutes, then he sleeps until about 11:30am!  Such a good little sleeper! 
Best Moment: He is starting to laugh a little and wow, its a cute laugh!
Worst Moment: I think he might be teething a little.  I don't see or feel any little tooth buds, but he is a drooling mess!
Eating: He is eating between 4-6 oz every 3-4 hrs, but sometimes he will go for long stretches without eating, and then eat a lot at once..
Teeth: Nope, not yet!  No buds either.

Kellen is doing SO good.  I can't believe that in 3 days my baby bean will be 2 years old!  I am such a sap!!!!  As soon as I think of him turning another year old I tear up!  Ridiculous I am!  I am working so hard to plan a cute little Elmo party for him.  My sweet friend Marilyn is helping me make a few things and all I will say is that it is going to turn out so cute!  I love decorating and planning parties, so I've been on cloud nine lately.  I still don;'t know what I am going to get him.  I have one present, but I want to get him a little tikes climber/slide/swing thing that he can play with in side and out side.  He needs something to help him use up some of his energy!  Kellen has been getting more snugly lately.  Not sure why, but boy do I love it!  Look at how well he has stacked his blocks!  9 is REALLY good!

I talked to my Mummo last night.  I miss her so much.  I wish I lived closer to her.  She is so strong!  She's had so many crazy things happen to her in her lifetime, including double knee replacement surgery, she beat cancer twice, had a many surgeries and she is still rockin' and rollin'!  Still completely independent and strong.  I love talking to her.  When I lived close to her we would talk for hours, literally all day long.  I remember when I was a little girl it was so much fun spending the night with her, mostly because she spoiled me like crazy!  She loves her Great Grandchildren so much.  I send her pictures every couple of weeks so she can watch them grow, I know it bothers her that she doesn't get to see them everyday.  I know if I lived near her I would be taking them to see her all the time!  I miss my Mummo.

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