Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Kellen!

Happy Birthday Kellen!  Two years old already!  Words can not come close to saying everything that I would like to say to you.  I look at you and tear up and smile.  You are more than I deserve.  A huge piece of my heart belongs to you, my first baby.  I remember so vividly the day you came to be with us, I can close my eyes and remember when you were born you came out screaming, but as soon as the dr placed you on my chest you immediately stopped crying.  What an incredible feeling.  Now, my favorite memories of you are when you wake up from your nap how you have those sleepy squinty eyes and want nothing more than to drink your milk and sit on my lap.  You've recently gotten more snugly with me and I love it!  Your laugh, oh my, your laugh would brighten even the darkest days, it is SO precious.  It reminds me that all is good, I love your laugh!  You sleep so well, most nights are about 10 hours.  We lay you in your bed and as soon as we say, night-night, love you, and close the door your run over to the door with your stuffed animal (or Elmo) and your favorite blankie and fall asleep on the floor.  You've done it for a year straight now.  And every night before I go to bed I scoop you up and lay you back into bed.  You still sleep with your legs curled in and your little bum sticks up, SO cute!  You nap for about 2 hours, and let me tell you how thankful I am for that!  You don't talk much, but you understand everything!  You can follow direction...when you want to!  You love to color, so lots of times while I am making dinner I will sit you in your highchair with crayons and your coloring book and you will color and watch me cook.  You also love the computer!  You like to click the mouse and all the keys.  I really want to find you a toddler computer for Christmas.  We will see!  I think your favorite playtime is when daddy takes you to the field to run and play, or when we go to the play ground.  You love going down the big slides and running back and forth between all the play sets.  You love being outside, dad takes you outside every day, unless its freezing or raining.  You like taking baths!  The days when its cold or rainy out dad gives you a bath and you have so much fun.  Now you try and swim in the water!  I am working more on teaching you self care, speech and pottying.  I don't think that you will truly potty train for a little while longer, I just don't think your ready yet, and I know I don't have the patience and time to do that yet.  When your little brother is a little more independent I will teach you.  You are so quick to grasp concepts, so I don't think it will take you long.  You are very, very smart.  You just don't tell anyone!  I have no idea how tall you are or how much you weigh, you haven't gone for your 2 year check up yet.  But I know that you are wearing 18-24 month clothes.  The pants are tricky right now.  They are usually to big around your little waist, and too long for your legs.  You are very good to your brother.  I am very proud of the way you have adjusted to having a new member in our family.  For 22 months it was just me you and daddy, and you got all of our attention.  Now we are splitting our time between you and Grayson and you have accepted the change so well.  You never try and hurt him, in fact, at night after we've read your 2 night time books, I tell you to give me a kiss, and you do, then I tell you to give Grayson a kiss, and you do.  Seeing you respond the way you have with him melts my heart.  I love you so much my little bean, my sunshine.  Happy 2nd birthday!

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 You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.  
You make me happy, when skies are grey.  
You'll never know dear, how much I love you.  
Please don't take my sunshine away.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

26 Hours and counting

This morning I woke up right before 6:00am, and immediately thought, at 6:00am, October 24, 2010 my water broke.  The next 26 hours and 10 minutes would lead me to my defining moment.  My wonderful son, Kellen was born and my entire life I knew it had changed.  I had a real purpose. As a first time mom, Evan and I ran a quickly as possible to the hospital, no contractions, just a wet butt from my water rupturing (a partial break, the rest broke while I was at the hospital)!  I was scared, but much MUCH more excited!  I called every one I could think of on that ride to the hospital thinking, hurry!!!!  26 hours later...

Monday, October 22, 2012

3 Months and an Old Soul

- bumbo
- laughing
- talking
- so close to rolling over
- starting to dislike tummy time
- tries to hold or touch his bottle
- melts my heart
- loves his brother
- size 2 diapers are getting snug

On October 17, Grayson turned a WHOPPING 3 months old!  Haha!  I know, he is so little, but 3 months FEEL like 3weeks, BUT I feel like I've known Grayson for ever.  The other day I held him and was doing what I always do, which is stare at every feature on his sweet little face and just felt like I've always known him.  I know, it sounds weird.  And I remember holding him just minutes after he was born feeling like I've seen him before.  He doesn't look a lot like Kellen, and he really didn't look like Kellen when he was born, so I know its not that I was comparing him to his brother.  I talked to Evan about this and he feels the same way.  I guess you would say that Grayson is an old soul.  I am so thankful that God sent him to be with us.

Diaper Size: Size 2
Clothing Size: mostly 3-6 month, some 6 month too.
Sleep:   I am still trying to get us to bed earlier.  Sometimes I can get him in bed by 10:30, but its not too often.  Its not because he wont sleep, its that I get Kellen to bed around 9:30, then I pump, then I get myself showered and ready for bed.  Then I feed him and usually by that time its 11.  I think he would actually go to sleep by 10, but I just can't get myself ready that soon after Kellen.  He sleeps non-stop until about 8:30am!  He eats and falls back to sleep within 30 minutes, then he sleeps until about 11:30am!  Such a good little sleeper! 
Best Moment: He is starting to laugh a little and wow, its a cute laugh!
Worst Moment: I think he might be teething a little.  I don't see or feel any little tooth buds, but he is a drooling mess!
Eating: He is eating between 4-6 oz every 3-4 hrs, but sometimes he will go for long stretches without eating, and then eat a lot at once..
Teeth: Nope, not yet!  No buds either.

Kellen is doing SO good.  I can't believe that in 3 days my baby bean will be 2 years old!  I am such a sap!!!!  As soon as I think of him turning another year old I tear up!  Ridiculous I am!  I am working so hard to plan a cute little Elmo party for him.  My sweet friend Marilyn is helping me make a few things and all I will say is that it is going to turn out so cute!  I love decorating and planning parties, so I've been on cloud nine lately.  I still don;'t know what I am going to get him.  I have one present, but I want to get him a little tikes climber/slide/swing thing that he can play with in side and out side.  He needs something to help him use up some of his energy!  Kellen has been getting more snugly lately.  Not sure why, but boy do I love it!  Look at how well he has stacked his blocks!  9 is REALLY good!

I talked to my Mummo last night.  I miss her so much.  I wish I lived closer to her.  She is so strong!  She's had so many crazy things happen to her in her lifetime, including double knee replacement surgery, she beat cancer twice, had a many surgeries and she is still rockin' and rollin'!  Still completely independent and strong.  I love talking to her.  When I lived close to her we would talk for hours, literally all day long.  I remember when I was a little girl it was so much fun spending the night with her, mostly because she spoiled me like crazy!  She loves her Great Grandchildren so much.  I send her pictures every couple of weeks so she can watch them grow, I know it bothers her that she doesn't get to see them everyday.  I know if I lived near her I would be taking them to see her all the time!  I miss my Mummo.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Significance of October 15

Before I had Kellen I never thought about the significance of October 15.  In fact, I didn't know the significance of October 15 until my friend, Kellie lost her precious and incredibly perfect baby girl, Maddie, to the silent killer called SIDS.  Sweet Maddie was only 4 months and 3 days old.  Born just 11 days before Kellen was born, yesterday would have been her 2 year birthday.  I hate SIDS.  I really do.  Its something that I pray I never experience and never hear that 4 letter word again.  It is a parents worse nightmare. But, SIDS is real and we can not ignore it.  So, October 15 is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. I wanted to do a blog for those babies and their parents and spread some information about SIDS.  I've learned that even though there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of SIDS you can NOT TOTALLY prevent SIDS.  Kellie was taking all the proper precautions and very sadly lost her baby girl. :( 

Want to see Maddie?  Isn't she perfect!


The day we found out about Maddie, Kellen and I took this picture for her.  The pink flower just for her.

When Maddie turned one year old I talked about SIDS.  If you want to read that post, go HERE.

Kellie shared the following information on her blog, Kellie's Blog.

1. Back to sleep: Infants should be placed for sleep in a supine position (wholly on the back) for every sleep. Side sleeping is not as safe as supine sleeping and is not advised.

The side position has in general been considered less effective than supine because it is less stable, and some infants rolling from the side will end up sleeping prone. The only specific and objective data in this regard was reported at the June International Conference by Peter Fleming (Avon, UK). He reported that the relative risk of SIDS when sleeping on the side is double the risk of SIDS when sleeping supine. We do not currently have any data on this question in the U.S.; nevertheless, I am in full agreement that we should recommend only the supine position for sleeping. That is, although side appears to be much better than prone, it is not as effective as supine sleeping. I hope this is helpful.
Carl E. Hunt, M.D.
Toledo/Washington D.C.
2. Use a firm sleep surface: Soft materials or objects such as pillows, quilts, comforters, or sheepskins should not be placed under a sleeping infant. A firm crib mattress, covered by a sheet, is the recommended sleeping surface.

3. Keep soft objects and loose bedding out of the crib: Soft objects such as pillows, quilts, comforters, sheepskins, stuffed toys, and other soft objects should be kept out of an infant’s sleeping environment.  Another strategy is to use sleep clothing with no other covering over the infant or infant sleep sacks that are designed to keep the infant warm without the possible hazard of head covering.

4. Do not smoke during pregnancy: Maternal smoking during pregnancy has emerged as a major risk factor in almost every epidemiologic study of SIDS. Smoke in the infant’s environment after birth has emerged as a separate risk factor in a few studies, although separating this variable from maternal smoking before birth is problematic. Avoiding an infant’s exposure to second- hand smoke is advisable for numerous reasons in addition to SIDS risk.

5. A separate but proximate sleeping environment is recommended: The risk of SIDS has been shown to be reduced when the infant sleeps in the same room as the mother. A crib, bassinet, or cradle that conforms to the safety standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission and ASTM (formerly the American Society for Testing and Materials) is recommended. “Co-sleepers” (infant beds that attach to the mother’s bed) provide easy access for the mother to the infant, especially for breastfeeding, but safety standards for these devices have not yet been established by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Although bed-sharing rates are increasing in the United States for a number of reasons, including facilitation of breastfeeding, the task force concludes that the evidence is growing that bed sharing, as practiced in the United States and other Western countries, is more hazardous than the infant sleeping on a separate sleep surface and, therefore, recommends that infants not bed share during sleep. Infants may be brought into bed for nursing or comforting but should be returned to their own crib or bassinet when the parent is ready to return to sleep. The infant should not be brought into bed when the parent is excessively tired or using medications or substances that could impair his or her alertness. The task force recommends that the infant’s crib or bassinet be placed in the parents’ bedroom, which, when placed close to their bed, will allow for more convenient breastfeeding and contact. Infants should not bed share with other children. Because it is very dangerous to sleep with an infant on a couch or armchair, no one should sleep with an infant on these surfaces.

6. Consider offering a pacifier at nap time and bedtime: Although the mechanism is not known, the reduced risk of SIDS associated with pacifier use during sleep is compelling, and the evidence that pacifier use inhibits breastfeeding or causes later dental complications is not. Until evidence dictates otherwise, the task force recommends use of a pacifier throughout the first year of life according to the following procedures:
• The pacifier should be used when placing the infant down for sleep and not be reinserted once the infant falls asleep. If the infant refuses the pacifier, he or she should not be forced to take it.

• Pacifiers should not be coated in any sweet solution.

• Pacifiers should be cleaned often and replaced regularly.

• For breastfed infants, delay pacifier introduction until 1 month of age to ensure that breastfeeding is firmly established.
7. Avoid overheating: The infant should be lightly clothed for sleep, and the bedroom temperature should be kept comfortable for a lightly clothed adult. Overbundling should be avoided, and the infant should not feel hot to the touch.

Taken from Reduce SIDS

Can I ask you to do something for me, Kellie, Maddie and all those babies who left way too soon???
Tonight at 7pm (in all time zones) please light a candle for at least an hour in honor of my friend and her baby.  She is grieving and if something so simple will make her feel a little bit better, I ask you to just do it.  You can either send me the picture on facebook, or you can go directly to her Another Day Stronger facebook page.  She would really love to see them. :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I Want To Remember.

Last night was a night that I want to remember.  When I get home from work, Kellen wakes up from his nap and right before I get home from work, Grayson is just starting to nap.  So, I get about an hour of alone time with Kellen.  We play, we snuggle, we watch Elmo.  I love that mommy and Kellen alone time.  Then Grayson wakes up, we eat dinner, bath, play and get ready for bed.  Kellen goes to bed around 9:30 then I pump.  While I pump, Grayson sits in his bouncy chair smiling at me the whole entire time.  I get myself ready for bed, then I get Grayson in his sleep sack.  Then for about an hour, I have my alone time with Grayson.  I swear, I live for those 2 hours.  My hour alone with Kellen and my hour alone with Grayson. Grayson and I lay on the bed and play and talk back and forth.  Last night I laid him in his crib (which is side carred to our bed) and turned on his seahorse.  In the dark I laid there watching him talk to his seahorse, pucker his lips as he intently studied that seahorse, and reach for it with his sweet little hand.  After a few minutes the seahorse dims and the light goes out.  I wanted more time, so I turned it back on several more times, staring at little Grayson.  I did this for about 30 minutes.  I started to rub Grayson's belly and he instantly started to drift off to sleep, closing his eyes little by little until he was sound asleep.