Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sleep and an update

I wanted to document a few things since today Grayson turns 8 weeks old!!!  I will post pictures later. For now, I want to document that Grayson is sleeping solid from about midnight to 6am, he eats about 3.5oz and then falls right back to sleep until about 9:30am, he eats again, another 3.5 oz and then falls right back to sleep until about 11am. Then he is up for about 1.5 hours, cat naps, up for 1.5 hours, cat naps and that goes on until midnight. So, I think he is understanding that he needs to sleep for a longer period of time at night. I just wished I could move him from falling asleep at midnight to 10pm.  I really want to bump him up 2 hours, because I have to be up at 5am. I know I am SO lucky that I get 5 hours, but I want more! LOL!

He is eating on average 3oz every 2-3 hours, except at night.  He eats a lot more at night, like he is storing it up so he can sleep longer.  I was having a little bit of an issue with this since it was giving him a tummy ache.  He wanted to eat 4-5 oz at night but he was squirming and arching his back at around 6am and I could tell that his belly hurt.  I was giving him 2 oz at a time, but he kept waking up all night hungry, so I bumped him back up to 3.5 and he seems much happier.

I am pumping 5 times a day and averaging 35oz a day.  I am VERY happy with that amount!

He is SO cute!  Whenever he sees me, Evan or Kellen's face he smiles in response!  Its the best thing ever!  He is "gooing" and smiling and really trying to talk to us.  I caught some of that on camera last night.  The smiling in response started a couple of weeks ago, but now he does it every single time, and the "gooing" just started this past week.

Grayson has his 2 month check up (shots included) on Monday, Sept 17.

Kellen is doing really well too.  He is still into "sharing" his toys with Grayson.  I will set Grayson in his swing and Kellen will start to pile his toys and blankets onto Grayson.  Its really sweet, but I have to be careful.  I am able to leave the room and them alone for a few minutes at a time, but not much longer than that.  Kellen doesn't realize that some toys are heavy and can hurt Grayson.  We are teaching him the words,  gentle and easy.  Kellen is able to understand those words, but doesn't always remember.  I think that Kellen is doing REALLY well for being a 22 month old with a new baby brother.  I can tell that he is already a great big brother! 

Kellen's birthday is coming up!  He is about to be 2 years old.  I can't believe he is almost 2!  I know what kind of party I am going to plan for him.  Kellen loves Elmo.  Absolutely loves him!  So, thats what I am going to do!  I am planning a full on Elmo party.  I have lots of details worked out in my head, so within the next couple of weeks I will start getting some stuff together.  I think he is going to LOVE it!

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