Friday, September 21, 2012

My sweethearts! (Bird is 2 months old!)

On Monday, September 10, Grayson turned 2 months old.  He also had his 2 month well baby check up and his first round of shots.  Evan stayed home with Kellen while I took Grayson.  He was in such a happy mood when we got there...actually he is ALWAYS smiling when someone engages him.  Full of smiles and bright eyes for the nurse and his pediatrician.  He's growing really well and got a clean bill of health.

He got 3 shots total, 2 in one thigh, 1 in the other.  Thankfully he's got some chub on those thighs, to help cushion the needle.  I gave him a little dose of Tylenol an hour before the appointment to help a little, but I am sure it still hurts.  Those needles go in deep!  As he sat on my lap, smiling, he was given an oral vaccine.  He started to cry, he HATED the taste of that stuff!  Before today the only stuff he's ever tasted was breast milk, vitamin D and an concessional dose of gas drops!  I am sure he thought, "what is THIS crap!!!"  I got him to calm down a little before those dreaded shots.  I sat him on my lap (which by the way- he has excellent head control!!) held his sweet little hands and boom, boom, boom, done....SCREAM!!!!!!  He did NOT like that at all!  His precious face light up and he was crying.  My heart was racing!  I immediately grabbed the bottle with fresh breast milk and tried to soothe him.  He cried for just a few minutes and fell asleep.  I hate it when he cries, truly breaks my heart!

We drove home, Evan went to work and played with Kellen.  Grayson did really well.  No fever, no swelling, no issues.  Thank God!

Age: 2 months
Height: 23.25 in 75% (almost 2 feet long!)
Weight: 13lbs 3.5oz 75% (I guessed 13 lbs- he is a really good eater!)
Head: 16.5 in  95%  (Kellen and Grayson both have big heads!  Imagine the labor! LOL!)
Sleep: Goes to sleep around 11:00pm and you sleep solid until 8:30am!  Sometimes he wakes up around 6am, hungry, so he eats and then fall right back to sleep.  After he's had his breakfast, he sleeps until about 11:30am!  Such a good little sleeper!  Too bad I don't go to bed until 11:30-12 and get up at 5am!  We will work on getting him to bed earlier!
Best Moment: All those smiles and cute little noises!

Worst Moment: Hearing him cry after his shots. :(
Eating: You are eating between 4-5 oz every 3-4 hrs.
Teeth: Nope, not yet!  No buds either.
* Baby bird, you have a VERY strong neck and back.  I am contemplating pulling out your Bumbo soon!  You hold your head up so good!
* You like tummy time...sometimes!  You will do it for about 10 minutes at a time.
* You like to look at the black and white learning cards that your Great Aunt Carol sent you.
* Your seahorse will put you to sleep every single night.  We are co-sleeping, which I LOVE!  And you do too!  Every night after Kellen goes to bed, we smile and talk to each other, then I feed you, we snuggle for a while, I lay you on your back, play your seahorse and rub your belly.  You instantly get tired.  Then we hold hands and fall asleep.  I love night time with you. 
* I've started putting toys in your hands and you will shake it a little.
* When I enter the room and you hear my voice you instantly smile and look for me!  Melts my heart, bird! 
* You make gurgle sounds and coos.  You say, "Gooo", just like Kellen did!  When I talk to you, you try so hard to talk to me too and you kick your feet and wave your hands and smile.  You are so sweet!
* You will follows objects across field of vision
* You've started to ball up your hands into little fists and hold them together in front of your chest.  I remember when Kellen did this, its so cute!
* You've stopped taking your bink!  Kellen did the same thing!  You both took a bink for the first month of your life, then all of a sudden stop using it.  But, you both also started sucking on your fist.  You've discovered that your thumb is a good object to suck, so sometimes I find you sucking your thumb.  I need to get a picture of that!
* You don't cry anymore when I give you a bath!  You just lay there and smile.
*I've also noticed that you are beginning to blow bubbles too.

Kellen!  Mr. Bean, you are a complete ball of energy!  You literately run all over the place the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed.  Either mommy or daddy have to take you for a walk or visit the playground everyday to help you get that energy out.  Bean, you are becoming a really good big brother.  I feel ok leaving you alone with your brother for a few minutes at a time.  You've never once tried hurting him.  Sometimes you will go right next to him and watch him, or swing him in his swing.  You really love Elmo!  Sometimes while I am making dinner I will let you watch an Elmo episode on the computer and you LOVE it!  Sometimes (ok all the time) you want to play with the keyboard and mouse and I have to tell you no...over and over!  You've begun challenging me a little.  Its perfectly normal and I get it.  If I tell you no, you will wait a few minutes and do it's ok.  I don't get mad at you.  You mean SO much to me!  I will always try my very hardest to be a good mommy for you because you are such a good boy for me.  Your 2 year birthday is coming up in just a little over a month!  I am so in love with you!  More and more every day.  I miss you so much when I am at work, I think about you all day long and I can't wait to get home to see you and try and steal hugs and kisses from you.  Sometimes you will give me kisses, usually I have to steal them!  Lately when I tell you I love you, you will blow me a kiss.  Your my sweet heart and I love you up!

I am having issues posting pictures, but I have some really cute ones to share!  I will try again tomorrow. :)

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Shantel said...

Wow - he is sleeping so well. My little girl turns 7 weeks tomorrow and really on goes about a 4-5 hour stretch when she falls asleep around 10 or 11. Also very scared for those shots in a couple of weeks. Grayson sounds like a champ!