Monday, August 20, 2012

1 Month Old and Similarities...

Grayson turned one whole month old on August 17, 3 days ago.  We didn't do much to celebrate, but I did take a ton of pictures and sang "Happy one month birthday" to him.  He is changing so much every day.  Seeing those changes makes me happy yet sad too.  Like, the baby fuzz on his arms is going away, and the dry skin that all newborns have on their feet and hands are all gone.  I know its stupid, but its those little details that I try so hard not to forget.  Having a newborn is amazing and it doesn't last very long.

Grayson is not able to wear any newborn stuff anymore, well, he actually outgrew his newborn stuff a while ago but I insisted on stuffing him in a few special outfits, he just HAD to wear some of it just once!!!  So we've moved on to 0-3, or 3 month outfits.  His size 1 diapers are getting too snug on him too.  Just yesterday I bought size 2 Pampers for him!  We have a lot of size ones left, but I don't think we will be using them!

A lot of people are asking me if I think that Grayson and Kellen look alike.  My first thought is, no.  I dont think they look too much alike.  I mean, its obvious that they are brothers, but as soon as Kellen was born, he looked like Evan.  Grayson has always looked like me.  I found a picture of Kellen and Grayson at around the same age, Kellen was 7 weeks old, and Grayson was about 2.5 weeks old.  What do you think?  Do they look alike?


 I don't know.  I see similarities, but I think they are very different too.  I do know that I have the cutest little baby brothers EVER!  I will try and take some more comparison pics since they boys are about a month different in these pics.

Grayson is sleeping so well now!  He eats about 4 oz at midnight, then wakes up around 5am and eats about 3.5 oz, falls right back to sleep and then wakes up around 8am and eats just a little, falls right back to sleep then eats about 2 oz, then sleeps until 11 and eats about 3 oz, sleeps again until about 2pm, then he is up playing until about 4pm, eats another 3 oz and sleeps until he smells dinner.  He literately wakes up as soon as he smells dinner!  He eats another 3 oz and up at 6:30pm-8pm, then I let him sleep from 8pm-9pm,he gets a bath and we do our night time ritual.  I make him stay up until midnight when he gets his midnight feeding.  Its working.

A few times he has reached for a toy when we're playing and he's getting used to tummy time.  He spends about 10-15 minutes on his tummy before he starts to get frustrated with it.  I still call him baby bird because he tries to eat my mouth and always has his mouth open waiting to be fed.  I wish I knew what he weighs right now!  He is doing so well, he doesn't have to go for his next check up until he is 2 months old.  If I had to guess I would say he weighs 12 lbs.  He still does the rooting reflex and let me tell you, I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! 

Take a look at this baby's hair!!!  He rocks the fauxhawk better than anyone I know!!!

 But Kellen has those eyes!  What a GORGEOUS Kellen we have!

Surprise!  I am 1 month old!

G is for Grayson!
My goodness do I love my boys!!!  They make everything ok. :)

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char-char&pap-pap said...

Sweet Boys! Love their hair and G's is Crazy good. Kisses from Char Char & Pap Pap.