Monday, August 20, 2012

1 Month Old and Similarities...

Grayson turned one whole month old on August 17, 3 days ago.  We didn't do much to celebrate, but I did take a ton of pictures and sang "Happy one month birthday" to him.  He is changing so much every day.  Seeing those changes makes me happy yet sad too.  Like, the baby fuzz on his arms is going away, and the dry skin that all newborns have on their feet and hands are all gone.  I know its stupid, but its those little details that I try so hard not to forget.  Having a newborn is amazing and it doesn't last very long.

Grayson is not able to wear any newborn stuff anymore, well, he actually outgrew his newborn stuff a while ago but I insisted on stuffing him in a few special outfits, he just HAD to wear some of it just once!!!  So we've moved on to 0-3, or 3 month outfits.  His size 1 diapers are getting too snug on him too.  Just yesterday I bought size 2 Pampers for him!  We have a lot of size ones left, but I don't think we will be using them!

A lot of people are asking me if I think that Grayson and Kellen look alike.  My first thought is, no.  I dont think they look too much alike.  I mean, its obvious that they are brothers, but as soon as Kellen was born, he looked like Evan.  Grayson has always looked like me.  I found a picture of Kellen and Grayson at around the same age, Kellen was 7 weeks old, and Grayson was about 2.5 weeks old.  What do you think?  Do they look alike?


 I don't know.  I see similarities, but I think they are very different too.  I do know that I have the cutest little baby brothers EVER!  I will try and take some more comparison pics since they boys are about a month different in these pics.

Grayson is sleeping so well now!  He eats about 4 oz at midnight, then wakes up around 5am and eats about 3.5 oz, falls right back to sleep and then wakes up around 8am and eats just a little, falls right back to sleep then eats about 2 oz, then sleeps until 11 and eats about 3 oz, sleeps again until about 2pm, then he is up playing until about 4pm, eats another 3 oz and sleeps until he smells dinner.  He literately wakes up as soon as he smells dinner!  He eats another 3 oz and up at 6:30pm-8pm, then I let him sleep from 8pm-9pm,he gets a bath and we do our night time ritual.  I make him stay up until midnight when he gets his midnight feeding.  Its working.

A few times he has reached for a toy when we're playing and he's getting used to tummy time.  He spends about 10-15 minutes on his tummy before he starts to get frustrated with it.  I still call him baby bird because he tries to eat my mouth and always has his mouth open waiting to be fed.  I wish I knew what he weighs right now!  He is doing so well, he doesn't have to go for his next check up until he is 2 months old.  If I had to guess I would say he weighs 12 lbs.  He still does the rooting reflex and let me tell you, I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! 

Take a look at this baby's hair!!!  He rocks the fauxhawk better than anyone I know!!!

 But Kellen has those eyes!  What a GORGEOUS Kellen we have!

Surprise!  I am 1 month old!

G is for Grayson!
My goodness do I love my boys!!!  They make everything ok. :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bugs and loves

So, this is just a random update to post what we've been up to.  I am still working on a schedule, its not easy at all.  Grayson and I have a night time routine down pretty good, but during the day we just go with the flow.  I want to have more structure though.  I am starting to get sad about having to go back to work.  I go back in less than 2 weeks.  I can do it though.  It will be hard at first, but I know I can do it.  Our friends Tianna and Larry came over this past Friday and brought us dinner.  It was great seeing them.  We had a really nice visit.  Then on Saturday I felt like I was getting the flu!  But as it turns out I got mastitis again.  I started taking antibiotics and Lecithin.  I am feeling better, but my boobs still kinda hurt.  I don't think that we have any plan for this weekend, so maybe we can take the boys for a hike, I'd like to see a waterfall and let Kellen do some real hiking.  Plus, I would like to get some exercise. 

Here's a kinda funny and really gross story.  On Sunday night Kellen came running up to me jumping up and down, kinda crying and spitting and trying to rub something off his tongue.  I had been snacking on Chinese crackers and thought I dropped a wasabi pea and he picked it up and ate it (Kellen eats EVERYTHING- I can't get him to stop it!!)  I rubbed my finger on his tongue (he willing let me so I knew he wanted whatever was in his mouth to be removed by me), I smelled my finger and it was a really weird smell, not a wasabi pea.  All of a sudden he spit this sucker out!!!!!!!!!!!!  OOOOOOOOOO.MMMMMMM.GGGGGGGGGG!!!!  A STINK BUG!!!!!!!!!  I couldn't believe my eyes!  SO GROSS!  Oh the life I live with my crazy Kellen.  Something tells me that there will be more adventures than just this one.
Welp, I think thats it.  I am really tired today and am having a hard time thinking of what I want to say.  Grayson didn't fall asleep until really late (2am), then I pumped, then Grayson woke up at 4:30, then I pumped, then Evan's alarm went off at 5am, then Grayson woke up at 9:00, then Kellen was up at 9:30 then I pumped.  I REALLY am going to work SO hard on getting Grayson to sleep 10pm, the same time Kellen goes to bed...that would be nice!

Larry and Tianna :)

My baby boys!

Passed out daddy and baby.

Sweet baby Gray!

Can you find the little boy in this picture?  LOL!

Passed out chunker!

4 Weeks old in this picture and wearing his first pair of blue jeans!  I have to add that these jeans are 3 month old size!!!!


Kellen was having a blast exploring my crafting table and drawing all over my to-do list.

My next post will be Grayson's 1 month update!  I can't believe he is almost 1 month old!!!!! 

Friday, August 10, 2012

3 Weeks with lots of pics and 2 videos.

Geez Grayson, your already 3 weeks old!  What is going on, why is time flying by so fast!  This must stop now!  I am so happy to watch you grow, but sad because I know that I won't ever see those newborn moments again.  I don't want to miss a second so I seriously take at least a dozen pictures of you a day and I video you just about every other day.  I have to down load my pictures from my camera, so I will do that today and share them with all our friends. 

At three weeks you've already made huge changes!  You've been sleeping for 5 hour stretches at night!  I started a simple bedtime routine with you at night and I think its helping!  I start out by giving you a bath, then you get your jammies on, then we do tummy time, then you go in you sleep sack, we turn out the lights and are all very quiet (all this happens after Kellen is sleeping), I give you your night time bottle, and then you go in your pack n play. Also, I've stopped letting you nap in your pack n play, I only put you in there at night time. :) So far its working and I just hope its not a fluke!!  Lately you've been sleeping from 12am-5am, you wake up to eat 3.5 oz, then you fall back to sleep from 5:30am-8:30am, then you wake up to eat 3 oz, then you fall back to sleep from 9am-12pm!  That's a great sleeper, buddy!!!  I hope it continues!  Through out the day you eat 3-4 oz every few hours.  We do lots of tummy time and when dad gets home from work we take a little walk, you sleep the entire time!  I put you in your little front pack and you love it in there!  Sometimes I put you in there when you just want mommy snuggles.

You are still wearing size 1 diapers and size 3 clothes.  You are a really good baby!  You only cry when you are hungry and half way through your bath.  You are a binky baby!  Kellen only took a bink from 4 weeks old to 8 weeks old and then he didn't want it anymore, you on the other hand have wanted one since the day you were born!  I don't mind it at all.  It satisfies you and the sucking noises are so cute!  You sound like Maggie Simpson!!

I swear you smile at me!  And let me tell you, you have the cutest smile!
Daddy and Grayson and below is a video of my SWEET baby!!!

Bad with his cross and bones!
Visit with Hyla
Video after Grayson's bath...he wasn't too happy...

Baby toes!!!!
Crazy Kellen!
So sweet sleeping!
After bath
Again, crazy Kellen riding his Car on dad.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Dear Grayson

Dear Grayson,

You are now 2 weeks old, well actually 2 weeks and 3 days old.  You are so stinking cute!  Lately you have been cluster feeding, which makes it really hard for me to get anything done and play with your brother.  Daddy went back to work on Wednesday, the same day you had your 2 week check up.  I knew it would be hard to have both you and your brother at the office by myself, so daddy meet the 3 of us at the office.  He took Kellen shopping while you and I waited in the office.  You are doing so well!  You weigh over your birth weight, you are 9 lbs 14 oz and are 22.5 inches long!  Good job bird!

You make us all so happy!  You make the cutest little noises and after your done eating you do the cutest little stretch and crinkle up your face.  I really want to get it on camera!  I take pictures of you and your brother ever single day.  I don't want to forget a single moment! 

You are eating between 3-4 oz every 3-4 hours, but last night you slept for 5 hours straight!  You slept from 9:30-2:30!  Then you ate and then slept again from 3:00-6:30, then you ate again and then slept from 7:00-10:00.  We are getting there!  I am lucky that most times you fall right back to sleep after you've eaten.

Your brother loves you so much.  He is constantly giving you his toys, blankies and even his beloved milk!!!  Oh, and his tooth brush too. :)  Mommy and daddy have to be careful that he doesn't give you one of his really big toys, that would hurt you!

Here are some pictures!  Love you up baby bird!