Sunday, July 22, 2012

We're Having a Baby! Part 1

Its been an amazing 10 days.  I've learned so much.  For now I want to document the very beginning of these very memorable 10 days.  This will be parts blog.  I don't have much time anymore to complete an entire blog entry, so I will have to do it in bits and pieces until I get through documenting the 10 days.

On Thursday, July 12 my amazing sister flew to be with us during the preparations and delivery of baby Gray.  I was in so much pain, not able to work and doing it on my own with Kellen, since Evan had to continue working.  Thank God she came to help me.  I was in the worse pain at this point in my pregnancy but trying to battle through it and not let my son know that I was on the verge of tears on a daily basis.  He didn't need to see mommy like that.  So, Thursday evening the reinforcements arrived!  And I was BEYOND happy!!!!!!  I love my Tae Tae and so does Evan and ESPECIALLY Kellen!  I honestly think that since Stacey (Tae Tae) helped deliver Kellen she was able to naturally create a special bond with him.  This makes me SO happy, she is his and Grayson's God Mother after all.

 Kellen hadn't seen Stacey since Christmas, he immediately climbed up on her lap and gave her snuggles.  And those of you who know my Kellen, he is not much of a snuggler. :)

We spent the next couple of days lounging, chatting, and playing with Kellen.  At this point I was SO ready to have Grayson.  I felt that I had to have him soon because Stacey wasn't able to stay with us forever!  So on Friday we went to the mall to try and walk me in to labor.  That was an adventure!  Kellen had so much balled up energy, he literately ran through the mall as Stacey chased after him.  Random people would stop me as I was trying to speed walk to cheer me on!  "When is your due date?", I replied, "Tomorrow!", "Oh so you are trying to walk yourself in to labor." "Yes I am!!!!"  Another woman told me that she saw me a few times walking (really waddling) and she just had to cheer me on.  She said, "Go girl, you can do it!!".  I am sure I was very comical to see!!  I was sweating and really limping, so we decided to leave.  I thought for sure it had been 3 hours, but nope...only 1 hour.  All I could think was, how much longer will I have to feel this way?!?!

I tried sitting on the birthing ball...No baby...

On my due date we made lots of plans thinking that if we made plans then Grayson would come!  So, we invited our friends Jen and Jason over for a BBQ.  Earlier in the day I started having contractions!!!  We took my last belly picture. :)

 I felt contractions all night long, and by noon on Sunday they started to go away.  Monday I had a drs appt.  My Dr stripped my membranes.  I was 4.5 cm dilated and 80% effaced.  I was told that if labor didn't start by Wednesday morning, I would be induced.  No matter what Grayson would be here within the next 48 hours!  As soon as I left my appointment I started cramping.  It wasn't bad, but I knew to keep watch.  Evan left for work and Stacey, Kellen and I had a big dinner just in case.  By 8:00pm I could tell the cramping was now contractions and I started to time them.  They started out at about 11 minute intervals, by 9:00 they were 8-9 minutes apart.  At 10:00 I decided to take a bath and see if they would go away, but I could still feel them in the bath, so I knew they were real.  By this point when I would get a contraction I had to hunch over and brace my self.  I paid attention to the timing and they were now 5 minutes apart.  At 11:00 I called my dr and she said that if they got worse within the next 30-45 minutes to come to the hospital.  I called Evan and gave him a heads up.  The second I hung up with my dr the pain level tripled, I was seriously hurting.  I woke Stacey up out of bed, who had just laid down to try and sneak in a little sleep while I was in the bath tub.  Stacey attempted to reach my contacts to watch Kellen.  She was so calm.  I was starting to panic.  The contractions were coming hard and fast and Evan still wasn't home.  She put everything in the cars, I grabbed some last minute items and braced through each contractions.  This hurt SO bad, on a level from 1-10, 10 being the worse pain I was at a 6.  Finally, at midnight Evan was home.  Stacey grabbed Kellen out of his bed and took him to her car.  He went to stay with our friend Jason (Jason, I can never thank you enough!!!!!!).  Evan drove as fast and as safe as he could to the hospital all the while I was praying I could breathe through the contractions.  Again, I was freaking out and I know he was too.

This was taken the night I went into labor.
More to come...

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