Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Early Maternity Leave!

I wasn't expecting this, but my dr wrote me out early on disability.  She never does that unless she absolutely has to.  She is super strict!  I had a drs appointment on Monday and had to be escorted down the hall.  The weight that I have gained is mostly all in my belly, putting a lot of pressure on my hips, pelvis and back, so walking is really painful.  Once my dr saw this she put me on disability.  It does make it easier and I LOVE the extra special time I get with Kellen.  I get to be here when he wakes up in the morning, I get to be with him all day long, just as it should be.  I can rest when I want, as long as Evan is here to help me.  When Evan goes to work I just have to hope that Kellen takes it easy on me, and for the most part he does. He's such a good boy, soon to be big brother!

I was feeling contractions all night long on Monday night, starting around 9pm and they lasted pretty consistent until Tuesday morning.  They tapered off and were really sporadic but painful throughout the day.   Now they are even more spaced out this morning.  I tried some stupid wives tales yesterday and they didn't work.  I drank some raspberry leaf tea, pelvic tilts, birthing ball, too much walking and nothing.  So for now on I am going to just relax and wait for Grayson to decide HE is ready.  I can't control everything so why bother.

Today is 4th of July!  I think that we are going to go see fireworks tonight, not sure where, but we love fireworks and are excited to see what Kellen thinks of them this year.  Last year he watched them in awe and didn't get upset about the 'booms', so this year I hope he still likes them.

Tomorrow is Evan's birthday!!!!  I am really excited about that!  But, unfortunately he will have to work, unless Grayson decides to make his debut!  Wouldn't that be the best birthday present??  Evan's guess all along was that he would come on July 5th, and my original due date was July 5th, so we will just wait and see. :)

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