Sunday, June 24, 2012

Let's play catch up! (37 Weeks now)

Boy, oh boy have I been a bad blogger!!  I never go this long and I feel bad about it!  So many things to document!  I will go back and try and remember whats happened.  First, my great friend Jen threw a baby shower for me on June 2. It was SO nice!!!  It was a brunch (bagels, quiche, and strawberry short cake) and my closest girl friends came and most brought their little ones, so Kellen had some friends to play with.  I have themed Grayson's nursery in turtles (which me and several friends are now seeing turtles all the time!)  It was just perfect.  I had a really good time chatting with my friends.  I feel so grateful to have Jen care enough to throw me a second baby shower, I am very blessed to have her. Here are a few pics.
  Kellen and Abby.
My wonderful friend, Jen!
 It was turtle themed!

 Thank you favors.

 I've been having a lot of false labor, and it hurts!!!  It seems that towards the end of the work week I am getting so worn out that I have lots of cramping, back pain, contractions.  Nothing I do helps to ease up.  After hours it goes away.  I made a MAD to-do list for me and Evan and we started crossing everything off.  We have decided to try and sell our house again, so I did a ton of research and found a great realtor.  I invited her over this past Thursday evening.  So, our house HAD to be ready!  My advice, if you want to have a clean house invite a stranger over!  Works every time for us!  LOL!  I feel so relieved that my house is cleaned, Grayson's nursery is ready, grocery shopping is done, I have hospital bags packed and ready for me, Grayson, Kellen and Evan, we got a new car seat for Kellen and have installed both Kellen and Grayson's, I got all my catch up work done at work, WE ARE READY!  Now Grayson just has to come!  And I think he will very soon! I dropped on Wednesday!!!  I could barely walk, my pelvis felt like it was hit with a hammer!  But I could breathe again! Everyone at work noticed that I had dropped and no one can believe that I am still there working up until I go into labor.  I've been nesting a lot lately.  Now that all the big chores are done, I am getting picky.  Today, we went grocery shopping, picked up a few last minute items, I washed the cupboards, organized the pantries, cleaned out the fridge, did some "staging" work to sell our house and I scrubbed the bathroom from top to bottom.  I want to smell bleach in my house!  At my last appointment I was told that I am 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced!  That makes me very happy!  I didn't dilate at all with Kellen even after my water broke.  So, I was manually dilated.  That was the worst pain...besides the ring of fire...that hurt pretty bad too.  LOL.  We really are getting close!  My next appointment is on Wednesday, the 28th, if I make it that far!  I thought that I would have him on Monday, June 25th.  See, when I was pregnant with Kellen my due date was Novemeber 14, but he came on October 25.  This time my due date is July 14, so I figured he might come on June 25th...weird reasoning, but what can I say.  Today I feel fine, just an extremely itchy belly!  Evan thinks that he is going to stay put for a while.  That he is so comfy in there and is scared to come out and meet his monster brother!  LOL!  Ev predicts Grayson will come on July 5th...which just happens to be his birthday.  HAHA!  That would actually be perfect because when I told Evan that I tested positive I literately said, "I have an early birthday present for you!" and handed him the test.  And, my original due date was July 5.  I will be happy whenever he decides to come.  As long as he comes out just as perfect as his brother did.  But I REALLY can't wait to meet him.  Not because I am uncomfortable or because its hot, but because I just want to feel him, see all of him, smell him and to experience birthing him.  That is the most amazing experience and I really can't wait to go through all the excitement, the pain (yes, I know how weird I am), the love, the joy, the tears...I want to hold him with my arms!

Here are some pictures of Grayson's nursery, which turned out so cute!  Everything except the paintings on each side of the window was hand made.  And, once Grayson shows signs of coming my best friend, Stacey, will be bringing a few things that she made too.  :)

Father's Day was nice.  We didn't do a whole lot, not sure why, I guess because I am not able to get around a lot and I was cramping off and on all day long, and it was rainy.  But Kellen and I made Evan a card and gave him a fishing set.  He's been wanting to take up fishing, so that's what we got him!  Evan installed Kellen's new car seat too, so we took a Sunday drive.  Evan is a great dad.  I always knew that he would be, but its great seeing it happening.  Evan, you are wonderful with our son and you make him happy, healthy and strong. I admire your patience, guidance, and attentiveness with him and your loving caring soul. You are setting a great example for him and that makes me smile! And thank you for letting me relax on your special day. :) Love you!  He really cleaned the house on Father's day.  I could barely get around, so he made me sit down and relax while he did a ton of house work and chores.  What dad cleans the house on Father's day?!?!?

I've slacked in the belly growth department, so here are some picture to show how big Grayson is getting!

34 Weeks:

36 Weeks:

37 Weeks:

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