Monday, May 14, 2012

My Mother's Day

I had a great Mothers Day!  Even though it was cold and rainy spring day, there was lots of love in my home.  First, I slept in until 9:30!  Then when we all were up, Evan and Kellen went for a drive.  SO I was home alone!  That NEVER happens!  I took a long hot bubble bath!  When I got out and ready the boys went and picked me some really pretty flowers...

...And made me a card. Evan grabbed a handful of crayons, and put them on the floor with an assortment of papers, this is what Kellen did!  Ummmm...HELLO!!!!  Can you see the "MUM"???  Did Kellen really write "mum"???  That's what Kellen calls me!  Mum-mum!  Brilliant child!  Evan traced Kellen's fat foot (ham hock is what we call it! LOL!)

Since it was rainy we decided to get out for a little while.  Evan said he wanted to make me dinner, I said I was craving taco soup...Evan gave me a weird look and said he was planning on making me tacos.  Its weird how we think the same things from time to time.  Like we can read each others minds.  We've done that since the day we met!  So we went to the grocery store and I bought stuff for taco soup.  We got home and Evan and Kellen came up to me and Kellen was holding a little white box.  He handed it to me and when I opened it up I immediately put this on!  Its Kellen's birthstone, Opal!  I love it!

The rest of the day was really quiet and calm.  Kellen was really snuggly with me, so I snuggled with this sweet little boy until he went to bed. 

Even though its only been my second Mother's Day ever, it was the best one ever!  Thank you Evan and Kellen for showing me how much you both love and appreciate me!


char-char&pap-pap said...

Hi guys:
Lisa sounds like you had a nice mothers day. I always said kellen was way advanced but his card is really amazing!

The Little Martz Family said...

I know, PapPap! He really did do that himself!