Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kellen's 18 Month Checkup and me

Yesterday was Kellen's 18 month checkup.  I had forgotten all about it until luckily the day before!  So, Evan and I met at the drs office.  I am always a little nervous going in there because I hate it when he has to get shots, even though he has always been so good about them, including not even crying last time!!!!  So, to our very happy surprise he didn't have to get any shots!  YAY!  Kellen is always such a happy boy at the drs office.  He runs all around, naked, ok just a diaper on, and squeals and makes all sorts of noises.  The dr checks him out and then says "give me five".  Kellen knows how to give you five.  He's been doing it forever now, but he refuses to give his dr five! He acts like he is going to, then quickly psychs him out and turns away laughing!  Little booger!  Then the dr waves bye, and Kellen refuses to wave bye bye- which by the way is SO cute!!!  He gets so excited to wave hi/bye.  He laughs and smiles a huge smile, LOVE that baby!  Everyday  I am so thankful that I have Kellen to love.  He has really given my life a purpose!  I am forever grateful for him!

So, here are his stats, he's been busy growing!  I like to see comparisons so here is his 12 month stats and his 18 month stats:
30.5 inches tall- 32 inches tall; he grew an 1 1/2 inches in 6 months!
22 pounds 6.5 ounces- 24 pounds 6 ounces; he packed on almost 2 pounds!
And for good measures, his head is 19 inches...hehe.

Atta boy!  He is doing above average on the gross and fine motor scale.  He is average for communication, but that's all very normal for an 18 month old boy.  He is into everything these days!  We are cutting back on his milk, he loves milk!  So we are aiming for 12-20 ounces a day.  I need to start cutting back today.  He eats pretty good, although he wont eat as much breakfast.  We think that if we cut back on his milk that he will start eating more, but its not like we are worried about his weight, as you all can see!

Today I am 31 weeks pregnant!  I don't have much change from last week, but I did take a picture to document my progress.  This little boy is so active!  He loves wiggling all over the place in there!  If you could see my belly you would see it moving all around!  Some times is lop sided, kinda weird, but those movements are so great to feel!  I love it!

Tomorrow is Mother's Day!  I hope all you wonderful mommy's have a great day with your babies!!!

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