Friday, April 27, 2012

Sweet Pea's Name!

I have been dying to announce to everyone what we have decided to name our sweet pea!!!  Today is a VERY special day and I will tell you why soon.  I've been calling him "sweet pea" or "baby" for 29 weeks now and I am so ready to be able to call him by his name!  SO.........Kellen's baby brother, our sweet pea, our miracle baby, mommy's baby boy's name is......

When I say his name I smile, it feels so good, so right!  This name is very meaningful to me and Evan.  First, I've always loved the name Grayson and thought after having Kellen that if we were to have another baby I wanted to be the one naming him after my side of the family since Evan pretty much named Kellen.  And Kellen's middle name is Leslie, after Evan's middle name and Evan's dad's first name.  So, this time it was pretty much my call.  I wrote a list of about 20 names, and asked a lot of facebook friends their opinion.  I wrote all the names down that were suggested and Evan and I read through them all.  Grayson was the one that stood out the most.  Then came the middle name.  This name hit me like a ton of bricks.  Everyone who really knows me, knows that my best friend and Kellen's God Mother is Stacey Thomas-Bartlebaugh.  I adore her and her family.  They have been there for me and my family more than anyone could ever imagine, and I am so extremely blessed that we were put together, like sister's.  I've been best friends with her since we were 5 years old, almost 30 years!  And in honor of her, Grayson's middle name is...

Today is Stacey's birthday and I am SO glad that today, on her birthday I get to share her new God baby's name with everyone. 
Happy birthday Stacey, we adore you, respect you, and we love you!

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