Sunday, April 8, 2012

Kellen's First Easter Bunny Experience

So, I took Kellen to visit the Easter first he was all smiles while I held him, even reached out to pet the cute bunny.  Then the Easter bunny sat on her bench that was all nicely decorated with a green fuzzy thing which was draped over the entire bench, a basket filled with colorful eggs, and a stuffed bunny.  Since Kellen was seemingly ok, I told the photographer, "when I sit him down just take the picture, I am not expecting it to be perfect."  She agreed.  I sat him next to the Easter bunny and calmly backed away.  Kellen gave me this look.  He was smiling, but it wasn't a normal "Kellen smile", it was more like, "Ha,ha mom, I am done.  Come get me."  The photographer snapped his picture.  Then the photographer said, try putting him on the Easter bunny's lap.  I thought, "ok lady, your funeral."  I sat Kellen on the bunny's lap and quickly reassured him he was ok, then I backed away.  He was still rather calm, but he was now reaching for me, with this even more deranged smile on his face, which read, "Mom.  Seriously.  You got your picture NOW GET ME THE **** OUT OF HERE!!!!!!", I hear the photographer take a few more.  Then he proceeds to kick the cute little stuffed Easter bunny onto the floor, he nailed the basket which was filled with colorful eggs, so the eggs went rolling across the floor.  The fuzzy little green drape was now a pile on the Easter bunny's lap.  And Kellen was running as fast as he could away from the cute Easter bunny towards me.  Screaming all the while.  Did I mention there was a line of children with their parents waiting to have their pictures taken...

Ahhhh, what an experience.  When I returned to pick up his picture they handed me this one.  Apparently it was one of the first pictures they took.  I can see the semi-deranged smile that could pass as a smile if you didn't know Kellen, but you can see that he is starting to lean away from the bunny as he plots his GRAND escape and its nice to see that all the decorative items still pretty much intact.  The stuffed bunny had already been knocked over though.

Happy Easter!!!!

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