Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Coming Up...

I have been waiting to make a special blog post for a couple weeks now.  One amazing lady who owns the cutest boutique made some really cute stuff for me, Kellen and our growing baby (whose name will be announced later this month).  I was going to wait and share it, but I just can't stand it anymore!  I HAVE to show you all how sweet this stuff is!  So stay tuned!  If you want a sneak peak at some items that she's made, then check out her facebook page.  I promise, if you have a little girl you will be in heaven!  AND she makes cute little boy stuff too!  When you look through her album titled, Caden's Corner, you will see Kellen showing off some of her cute onsie's.  And many of those items were made specifically for Kellen!  Here is the link to her page: Allicat Boutique  I have to add, that her prices are beyond reasonable (trust me I've done my research, and I am an extreme bargain hunter.)  Everything she makes is hand made, AND she is really patient!  I am telling you, I am SO picky and she has never once gotten irritated with me!  And the money she makes goes towards raising her beautiful family.  I can't WAIT until I tell her our new baby's name so I can get her to monogram some onsies for him!  I LOVE MONOGRAMMING!  I think I may have to tell her early! hehe!

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