Sunday, April 29, 2012

A BUSY Week! (A Long Post)

This past week has been eventful and busy!  It started on Monday, the company where I work celebrated Lab Week (Evan and I work at a Lab).  I work in HR, so I volunteer to work all of the events and join the committees.  I am a huge planner and love events, so its perfect for me.  It takes us about 2 months to plan this event, and it lasts all week long.  We do something special for our employees everyday.  We play games, have contests, do a huge raffle (2 $500 Amex gift cards and 1 I Pad 2) and all the money goes to Meals on Wheels and Mission Children's Hospital (this year we raised a little over $2,300!!! We did another money and food raising event, and all the money and food went to Manna.  We raised 3,787 pounds of food for Manna and about $1000!  CRAZY RIGHT!!!!)  We have a company cookout, have a pizza party, an ice cream social and serve breakfast.  Its a really REALLY busy week!  So, in addition to making sure everything runs smooth for that, I have to continue with my regular duties.  I was exhausted by the end of the work day, then I got to play with my hyper toddler!   My only concern is that everyone enjoyed it and appreciates the hard work that goes in to it!

Ive been nesting like crazy trough all of this.  I have a few items that I want to sell DIRT CHEAP, so if you live in the area and want a Queen size mattress, with box springs and frame (no headboard) let me know!  I have to get rid of it!!  It was in my guest room, which is now the nursery and it was only used maybe 12 times.  I am asking $100.  Also, I have a 4 drawer file cabinet, no rust or anything messed up, I am asking $20.  AND, I have an OLD TV, its free.  Let me know if you want it.

I made 5 loaves of homemade bread and about a gallon of juice (Orange, banana, grape and apple).  I froze most of it, but since Kellen loves it, I will have to make more soon!

I added more items to my hospital bag, had a dr appt (baby is GREAT btw) now I go every 2 weeks, washed up more of Grayson's newborn clothes and stocked up on more diapers this week, gave Kellen a hair cut and took him to his first birthday party!

The BIG thing that, Kellen has figured out how to climb out of his crib!  So I started thinking that transitioning his crib to a toddler bed was just around the corner.  I was hoping we wouldn't have to do it until he was 2, but life happens on it's own schedule!  Then, on Saturday morning Evan and I woke up to Kellen crying, which he never does!  He usually happily plays in his crib until we get there.  So I went into his room, Evan was just heading out the door to work, and Kellen's leg was completely stuck in between the crib slats!!  I couldn't get his leg out!  And he was scream crying!  I yelled CALMLY to Evan and he came back in and helped get his leg out.  Kellen was so scared and upset!  And his leg got a big bruise on it!  So, last night we transitioned to the toddler bed.  And... Kellen didn't get out of bed once!!! I thought for sure once I left the room that he would get up and start to play, nope! He laid right down and fell asleep! AND he only fell out twice. The first time he cried because I hadn't put down the pillows yet, so I went in and laid him back down and he immediately stopped crying, then at around 3am I went to check on him and he was laying on the pile of pillows passed out, I laid him back down and that was it!! I think he gets it!  I have to admit, it is hard facing the fact that he's reached another big milestone, but I am so proud of him. This will make my life easier...not having to lift and lower a 30 pound baby in his crib, 7.5 months pregnant!!!  My baby is certainly growing up!

I am 29 weeks and 1 day pregnant!  I am feeling fine, just the regular aches and pains, but I really can't complain!  I am getting SO big!!!  Grayson (which I LOVE LOVE LOVE that I can call him by his name now!!!!) is kicking and punching and moving like crazy!  I swear he never sleeps!  I love every second of it.  I am surprised that my heart burn isn't that bad this time!  With Kellen it was awful, I had acid reflux!  I've been doing really good at keeping up with my water and haven't had many braxton hicks!  Which makes me happy!

Here's some pictures from this week. :)

 Kellen was feeling Grayson kick!!!  This was such a special moment!  He was feeling him move, and then he started kissing my belly and then Kellen went and grabbed his sippy and set it on my belly!!!  Loving and sharing ALREADY!

Here I am yesterday to mark my 29 week pregnant belly.

The last night Kellen slept in his crib. :(

 At the birthday party.  He was not happy this day.  It was Saturday, after his leg got stuck in the slats, I think he was just not feeling like partying.  We only stayed for about 30 minutes, just long enough to give the birthday girls their presents.

This was Saturday night, we were introducing Kellen's toddler bed. :)

Night night!!!

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