Monday, April 16, 2012

Allicat Boutique

My last post I talked about Allicat Boutique and the cutest baby stuff she sent me.  Well here it is!

Isn't she SO sweet!!

I love this!  Its a baby wipes carrier.  I am already using it!

Matching onsie/shirt!  Kellen and his "lil bro" will wear this when they meet for the first time!  I can NOT wait to see my boys in these!

This is a Maternity Sash!  I will wear it when I have my maternity pictures done and at my baby shower. Isn't it SO cute!  If you can't see the little bottle cap in the center it says, "little feet leave big imprints on our heart", SO TRUE!

You have GOT to check out her facebook page Allicat Boutique I secretly told her sweet pea's name, so she is working on something special for him. :)

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