Wednesday, March 28, 2012

19 Kids and Counting...

I TiVo'ed it and watched it when Kellen went to sleep and probably shouldn't have even watched it.  I will admit, I love this family.  I love the fact that they are faithful to who they are, they never change their outlook on life because of someone else.  I think the way they have and are raising their children is inspirational.  I will never be as religious and as strict with my children, but I do admire them for the family that they are.  The choice to have 19 children, that's the part that most people question and frown on.  I think that once you have chosen to live your life 100% to God's hands then you honor without any questions, without any interference what God gives you.  God gave them 19 children.  And if God wants to give them more, then 'he' will.  I believe in this. 
So I watched the season finale last night.  SO sad! I probably shouldn't have watched it!  I thought about it all night and it was the first thing I thought about when I woke up, which is why I needed to blog about it.  Michelle lost her baby at 18 weeks.  She delivered her dead baby at her home.  I can't imagine anything worse than losing a child.  I cried through the entire episode.  I just want to say that I am sorry for their loss and any mother's loss.  At one point I saw Michelle's eye while her baby was being placed in the ground and I could see the longing she felt to have that baby back nestled safely in her body, really touched my heart. 
No matter if you 'like' or agree with the decisions that this family has made, there is no way anyone could have kept a dry eye during that episode.

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