Saturday, March 31, 2012

17 months of loving on Kellen

Lately I've been feeling the need to document more of Kellen's development.  I am not sure why, I've always taken tons of pictures and video's of him, but lately I feel like I need to do more.  So, that's what I've been doing, taking at least a picture a day and a video at least once a week.  Everyday I look at him and feel like the luckiest person in the world.  I am so happy that he is here with us.  On the weekends I can't wait to wake him up so we can start the day together and at night I don't want to lay him down in bed because I don't want to say good night!  I know most mom's can't wait for that night time break, but for me, I never want that break.  I guess that's what happens when you long to be a mom for as long as I did.  I couldn't wait to be a mom!  I love being Kellen's mom!  I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

So, what have you, Mr Kellen, been up to lately?  Well, you are pushing out your 13th and 14th tooth this week!  The lateral incisor on your top left and right sides.  OUCH!  You are so good with pain!  The only way I knew something was wrong was that you slowed down eating as much and you would cry for a minute out of the blue.  You don't cry a lot when you get hurt.  You can hit your head so hard and cry for a minute and then move on.  Doesn't it continue to hurt?  Doesn't it give you a head ache?  Geez, you really are stronger than mommy and daddy!  

You love wrestling on the bed with daddy!  Mommy tries to wrestle you too, but with my 6 month belly bump its really hard for me to throw you around like daddy does, so you and daddy mostly play that game!

When you turned about 13 months you figured out how to get off of mommy and daddy's bed without hurting yourself.  Last weekend you started climbing up on the bed by yourself too!!!  We were amazed by that!  Our bed is as tall as you, and you step up on this tiny little ledge from the box springs and reach high on to the comforter and use all your upper body strength to pull yourself up.  SO STRONG!  Your daddy and pap-pap are really strong, I know you get your strength from them.  You have the same little build as they do, you've got a Martz body.  Mommy is more thin, tall and lanky, daddy is muscular and average height.  You're a lucky boy!

You look so much like your daddy too!  I search your features for some resemblance of me but all I see is your daddy!  I know that you have my nose and lips, but no one looks at you and says, "you look like your mommy."  Nope, you are just like your daddy!

You love reading books with us, and you love your night time routine too.  You wake up from your nap at 4:00, you get snack, and milk in your straw cup, we play outside, then dinner at 6:00, we play until 7:00, then you get your bath, then you get your PJ's on, we have a snack, then we play, at 8:30 you snuggle on the couch with mommy and drink your milk, then we brush our teeth (you have this cute little game you play when we get ready to brush your teeth!  I am going to record it tonight!) then we read a few books (you always run over and sit on my lap when I grab a book to read) at 9:30 we turn off the TV and the lights and I sing to you "You are my sunshine" and then I tuck you in bed.  That is how we spend every night together. I love it.

Everyday it seems you do something new and precious, I will try harder to document those precious moments.  Mommy loves you baby bean!

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