Friday, February 24, 2012

You may be expecting...but not expecting this. Part 2

Since the moment I found out that I am pregnant I started having the most vivid and crazy dreams!  Apparently these crazy dreams are typical during pregnancy!  I had no idea!  I dream mostly about 1. being chased, 2. falling, 3. my sweet pea.  I've always been fascinated by dreams.  I believe that they are your minds way of giving you some kind of sign.  I don't take them seriously really, I just pay attention to them and try and remember the details in them.  I know that being chased and falling are 2 very common dreams.  They both are directly related to stress.  Most people are stressed, which is why they are SO common.  I've had quite a few gender dreams lately!  I usually see a little girl in my dream.  She looks just like me.  These dreams are the best!  And make me so happy to see my sweet pea!  Last night my dream was really weird.  Evan and I were at the anatomy scan (scheduled for Monday, whoot whoot). The ultrasound tech was scanning my belly and at first we were told that sweet pea was a girl. The tech showed us where to look and my baby in my belly was wearing a bright pink onsie that read, "its a girl" LOL!!!! Evan and I smiled!  We started calling and texting all our friends and family that we were having a girl.  Then the tech kept looking around and saw another section of the onsie written in bright blue, "its a boy!" I woke up all freaked out and even more anxious to find out! What is my mind trying to tell me???  Am I having twins?  These pregnancy dreams sure are weird!  I've been told by many mommy friends that when you dream of a girl, then that means you will have a boy!  And visa versa.

Only 3 more days to go!!!  Did you cast your vote for a boy or a girl?  I will share the news as quick as I can on my blog!  The appointment is at 1:40.  My awesome friend Jen is coming with me, Evan and Kellen to share in the excitement.  And trust me, she wont give it away!

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