Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kellen's 15 month update

Kellen had his 15 month check up on Friday. He did so well! He was running all around the drs office clapping his hands and growling like Godzilla (his newest thing that is WAY cute!!!)His measurements include:

Weight: 23 lbs
Height: 32 inches

His stats have slowed down a bit. The pedi told me that was completely normal around this age and Kellen is completely healthy! YAY!

Then came the dreaded shots. He was running around so happy and being so silly our hearts were breaking to know that his happiness would soon come to an end. I held him on my lap and took a deep breath as they told me to hold Kellen's hands down.  The nurse gave him his shots and he didn't even cry!!!! Seriously, NO CRYING! Evan and I looked at each other so surprised! 

After his appointment we went out an bought him a little Cars 2 toy since he did so well at the doctors. Such a brave little boy!

Here are some more of Kellen's 15 month old stats:

Size clothes: 12 or 18 month pants, 18 or 24 month shirts
Size diapers: Size 5
Sleeping patterns: Bedtime is 9:30pm, wakes up at 9:30am.  Nap is 2:00pm-4:00pm
Favorite food: EVERYTHING!  He seriously will eat anything!!  I gave him blueberries today and he didn't care for those.  But he eats everything that Evan and I eat.
Favorite toy:  He really loves balls. 
New milestones:  

* Kellen has learned how to kick the ball. 
* He is brushing his teeth so well and by himself. 
* I love watching him run around the house screaming and clapping his hands, its so amazing to see such a happy little boy!  Makes us so proud! 
* He likes to go into his room and shut the door.
* He floats by himself in the bath tub.
* If you ask him to give you a "high 5" he will!!!  Love that!
* He gives mommy (and only mommy, hehehe) kisses! 
* He LOVES LOVES LOVES playing outside, see picture below!  
* This isn't a milestone, but he hates getting his diaper changed!  He gets SO mad!

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