Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's day!  I hope you all had a really sweet day today!  Since Evan works second shift, we don't get to see each other today, so we are going to pretend that Valentine's day is Friday.

Kellen got his very first Valentine today, from a SUPER cute little girl named Abby Love!!  How cute is that!!!  

He also got 2 presents in the mail!  He got a package from Char Char and PapPap and Aunt Kathy!  Here is a video and some pictures.

Kellen LOVED opening his packages!
First, Char Char and PapPaps!
 He is so advanced!  He will learn Spanish in no time!
 Hmm...looks interesting!  Thank you Char Char and PapPap!!!!  Love you!
Next package!  This is from Aunt Kathy!
  What is in here?
Sweet!  A new ball cap and a big boy cup!  I love it when he wears hats!  And he is drinking out of a straw now, he bypassed the sippy cup and went straight to the straw!!  Smart boy!
 Happy dance carrying around his new cup and wearing his new hat.

Thank you Charlene, Les and Kathy for Kellen's Valentine's presents!  You all made Evan, me and most importantly Kellen VERY happy! =)

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