Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Baby Lisa

It was on my mommy forum where I learned the terrifying news of 11 month old, Baby Lisa.  If you don't know what I am talking about I will give you a quick run down.  In October 2011, this sweet baby girl slept in her crib, her father was at work, her mother at home but drunk and sleeping her bed with her 2 brothers, someone snuck into the home and kidnapped Baby Lisa...or so they say.

On Friday Dr. Phil conducted the first interview with the parents in 3 months. The parents denied all media interviews to "help the media and police focus on finding Lisa."  I TiVo'd the episode and watched it last night.  The mother is being attacked by all sides blaming her for possibly doing something to her baby.  She sticks to her story, that someone kidnapped her sweet 11 month old.  And my goodness, she is SO pretty!  Such a perfect little girl.  A few things that stood out for me while I watched the show.  The mom's reaction to her missing daughter seemed very genuine.  She cried so hard when she was asked to talk about her, a natural instinct was the impression I got.  Her painful tears brought uncontrollable tears to my eyes too.  The father wept as he listened to his girlfriend.  There isn't much that will keep me from crying, but seeing these parents long for their daughter really hurt my heart.  I was a little disturbed though.  The mom seemed so defensive and would often go off on tangents talking about how attacked she has felt when Dr Phil asked her a question about the case.  It was almost like she was making the interview about herself.  That was really surprising to me.  As a mother, I wouldn't care if people were accusing me.  All I would care about it finding my child.  All that matters is finding my baby.  That's it.  Nothing else.  Another thing that got me was that she said that she can't remember if she checked on her baby before she went to bed!  Now, she said that she was drunk, which I don't blame her for drinking, but getting drunk when you are responsible for caring for your 3 children is in my opinion neglect.  I check on Kellen multiple times at night and without a doubt, I check on him before I lay myself down to sleep!  How could you not?  Especially if you choose to leave the windows unlocked and open, and leave the front door unlocked. 

This story really breaks my heart.  I pray that this mother didn't do something horrible to her daughter.  I hope that her daughter is still alive and will be returned safely right now.  I am scared that this will turn into a cold case.  I pray that it doesn't.  God Bless Baby Lisa.

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