Monday, January 23, 2012

Not again and Video of baby Frankenstein

Is it possible for morning sickness to RETURN?!?!?!? I was feeling so good for a while there, no throwing up, no nausea. The last night, BOOM! I started throwing up again and this morning as soon as I woke up I started feeling nauseous. I had to take my zofran twice today!  I guess I thought that once it was gone it would be gone. Maybe my hormones kicked up a notch? Maybe baby is going through a rapid growth spurt? Whatever the case, something is up.  At least I know that my baby is healthy!  My OB told me that the sicker you are the better.  Its a sign that your hormones are doing their job!

Kellen very rarely crawls anymore.  Within a couple days he went from taking about 6-8 steps to walking from room to room.  He is getting a little more graceful, but usually looks like Frankenstein.  Here he is:

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