Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Is Sweet Pea a BOY or a GIRL?

I figured out how to post a poll on my blog!  So, why not!  See on the upper right side of the page, just click boy or girl.  I am doing a poll on my wonderful mommy forum (TMP girls are THE BEST!!!) and so far the results are: 28.57% say boy and 71.43% say girl.  I gave my friends a list of my symptoms and let them decide what they think I am having.  So, want to play???  I LOVE polls!  Here are my symptoms, take your best guess and we will find out on March 2, at my Gender Reveal party.  I will blog about the details later.
Here are my symptoms:
*I am 13 weeks and still having morning sickness. It started around the 6th week.
*my complexion is horrible. I am breaking out left and right!
*I am carrying high...I think.
*I am extremely tired all the time.

*Low energy level.
*I am not experiencing the over emotional type symptoms. (like crying over Hallmark commercials)

*I am extremely edgy and get irritated really fast.  Poor Evan!
*I am craving sweet foods, like cookies, ice cream, milk shakes and candy! 
*No real food aversions.
*I am without a doubt showing.
*my nails aren't growing and neither is my hair.

Well good luck!  I am looking forward to seeing what my blogger friends think!


The Phillips Family said...

WEEE! As always you have found a way to make something fun even more fun! I'm wondering what you think you're having...I knew not only what I was having but also her name before I even officially knew I was pregnant! But I'm just weird like that (haha) and didn't believe myself anyway (haha)! I'm so happy for you...and Evan and sweet, little, totally adorable Kellen too! A HAPPY NEW YEAR for you all filled with love and fun times!

kristenhlove said...

With Abby I had a lot of those same symptoms! I would cry at the drop of a hat, get angry over dumb things, and I always wanted sweets! I'm going with girl!

Tianna said...

I had those symptoms except for the morning sickness and I have a boy! So I voted boy <3