Tuesday, January 3, 2012

50th Post and Followers Wanted!

I have been wanting to do a giveaway since the day I started this blog.  It seemed so perfect that at the start of the new year, I would have reached my 50th post!  I want to give something away so bad, but with 7 followers that's kind of lame, so I want to have at least 30 followers before I do a give away.  I have something really nice in mind.  The names will be drawn by random.org, so it will be 100% fair.  So all you have to do is follow my blog! 

Don't know how to follow?  
*  Look on the right side of the page, you will see my popular posts, then My Blog List, Blog Archive and finally Followers.  Click on "Join this site".  
*  Then just sign in with either your Google, twitter or Yahoo account.  
*  Click Sign in
*  Then click Follow this blog

That's it!  I just tried it and it took me about 20 seconds.

I guess there should be some rules, so here they are:

- One entry if you already follow my blog (A BIG thanks to you!), just leave a comment in the comment section stating that you are already a follower.
- If you would like a second chance to win, leave me a second comment telling me that you've blogged about the giveaway and attach the link.
- Once the winner is announced the winner has 24 hours to claim their prize.

The contest will begin as soon as I reach 30 followers.  At that point, I will announce the prize!


LaDonna said...

I thought I was already following but I guess google didn't take it so here I am again LOL

The Little Martz Family said...

Thanks LaDonna! Sorry google wasn't working. I wonder if others are having the same issue...well, thanks again for following!

meatlover said...

how do i follow? i know nothing about blogs but i read yours often. i dont know how it works

meatlover said...

bahahahah! i must have set up this account forever ago! my name is meat lover!!!! my dh's nickname is meat! it's not perverted...i also happen to love meat! i could never be a vegetarian again!

The Little Martz Family said...

"meatlover", why am I not surprised that it is YOU!!! You seriously crack me up! Thanks for following, meatlover!

Jessica Cali said...

I am now following you!! I found your blog link through The Mommy Playbook :o)