Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Giveaway is...

Jewelry!  I LOVE making jewelry!  I made it out of .45mm silver metal wire, turquoise, aqua and ivory glass beads, with a glass pendant and a magnetic clasp.  I really hope the winner likes my giveaway!!!  

I will use random.org for the drawing tomorrow at 5:00pm est and announce the winner!  I can't wait to see who wins!!!


I just realized that I have over 30 followers now!  WOW!  I need to post the giveaway picture!  I need to get busy and MAKE it!  I have everything that I need to do it, so when Kellen goes to sleep tonight I will make it and then post it right away!  I will draw the winner tomorrow at 5:00pm EST.  So exciting!!!  Thank you for following my blog!  I hope that you enjoy peeking in to my crazy and messy life as a mom of a 15 month old and 4 months pregnant!  HA!  I am sure that my life is only going to get more crazy and much more messier!  But, in the midst of all my chaos I will keep up on my blog.  Stay tuned for the giveaway picture!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

16 Weeks!

Sorry I haven't posted since last Sunday!  I have been so sick!  But I am feeling much better now!

While I was pregnant with Kellen I kept a pregnancy journal and documented everything!  A very sweet and thoughtful preggo mama friend sent this to me, so I figured since that I have a blog, I am going to use my blog as my pregnancy journal.  I will update this questionnaire once a month and see how it changes.   

How far along? 16 Weeks and 1 day :)

Total weight gain: 6 lbs :/

Maternity clothes? Maternity Pants, some maternity shirts.

Stretch marks? Not yet...but I am sure that I will!

Sleep: Fine, with the exception of waking up every few hours to pee!  I am trying really hard to get to bed earlier since I wake up at 6:00 for work, but my bed time solely depends on Kellen's bed time.  My goal is 8-9 hours but lately its been 6-7, which is not good for a preggo!

Best moment this week: I didn't take a 14 week belly picture, so for 2 weeks I didn't pay much attention to my belly, but this week I popped!!!  YAY!  I LOVE big preggo belly's!

Miss Anything? No, not really.

Movement: Yes

Food cravings: I want ice cream, milk shakes and skittles!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Breathing makes me feel sick.

Gender: We don't know yet!

Labor Signs: None

Symptoms: Fatigue, headaches, and nausea.

Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: Hmmm...both I guess.

Looking forward to: Finding out the gender!!!  March 2 can't come fast enough!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Not again and Video of baby Frankenstein

Is it possible for morning sickness to RETURN?!?!?!? I was feeling so good for a while there, no throwing up, no nausea. The last night, BOOM! I started throwing up again and this morning as soon as I woke up I started feeling nauseous. I had to take my zofran twice today!  I guess I thought that once it was gone it would be gone. Maybe my hormones kicked up a notch? Maybe baby is going through a rapid growth spurt? Whatever the case, something is up.  At least I know that my baby is healthy!  My OB told me that the sicker you are the better.  Its a sign that your hormones are doing their job!

Kellen very rarely crawls anymore.  Within a couple days he went from taking about 6-8 steps to walking from room to room.  He is getting a little more graceful, but usually looks like Frankenstein.  Here he is:

I only need one more follower before I can share what the giveaway is going to be!  So, if you want to be entered for a chance to win something that I rarely give away, then all you have to do is become a follower of my blog.  Don't know how? Here you go:

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Love Tap and Grapefruit

I have been waiting 15 weeks for that first kick from Sweet Pea.  This morning as I laid in bed, resting on my right side I woke up, rolled to my left side and all of a sudden I felt two kicks in my belly, in my middle left side.  I froze!  Then about 5 seconds later I felt it again!  Same spot, two kicks in my middle left side.  What a great way to start the day!!!

Kellen is now taking more than 6-7 steps.  He is walking everywhere!  Within a week he went from taking a few steps to walking!  We are so proud of him!  I've taken about a dozen videos of this new skill.  Our little treasures caught on camera.  Today I gave Kellen some grapefruit!  Just like his parents he loves it!  It was really funny, he would taste it, shiver, set it down and then grab it and taste it again.  He ate so much of it!  He would have eaten the whole grapefruit if I would have let him. Want to see video?  Of course I caught it on camera!  Here it is!

Want to know what Sweet Pea is up to at 15 weeks?

Although many women don't start feeling the baby move until the 17th week (or later), your baby has been having his own party in the amniotic sac he calls home. If you feel a little flutter in your belly this week, don't discount it as gas or hunger. It could be your babe banging around. Here's more to look forward to:

Baby's head is now resting on his well-formed neck instead of directly on his shoulders like Igor. He's beginning to grow eyebrows and eyelashes this week. (All the better to give you that "Mom, you're crazy" look when he's a teenager.) The hair on the head also begins to grow and, with some creative styling, you'll be able to turn those locks into a Maddox Jolie-Pitt faux-hawk some day. 

Although baby's eyes are sealed shut, he's now able to sense light. His eyes and ears finally look like real baby features now. As your baby practices sucking and swallowing actions, he may actually hiccup. You'll know he's had one too many shots of amniotic fluid by the steady thump-thump you feel. 

Over the next month, baby will grow faster than ever, so make sure you load up on enough nutritious food and fluids to support his growth. Your baby now measures nearly 4 inches, about the size of a Kit Kat "finger" (regular-size, not the Big one you get at the movies), and weighs almost 2 ounces. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012


For the past couple of months, Kellen has been taking 2 or 3 steps here and there.  On Monday he started walking across the room!  Finally I caught this miraculous event on camera!  

I am such a proud mom!  My boy is growing up too fast!

I am amazed and kind of sad about how quickly Kellen is growing up, but I am glad that he is walking.  My belly is already getting big, so I don't know how much longer I will be able to carry him all over the place!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

All parents (and expecting parents) need to read this!

I am an avid reader of "Another Day Stronger", my mommy friend's blog.  Today Kellie posted a story about Mason's mom.  All parents really REALLY need to read this:

This came directly from her blog. 

"A lesson from Mason's mom, Amber

On December 29th Mason was crying really loud, an unusual cry, so I ran into his room as usual and found him in his crib with his camera monitor cord wrapped around his neck many, many times, strangling him. He had pulled all of the cord in his bed with him and all around him and around his little neck. (His camera monitor just sits at the very top of his crib in the corner and the cord runs behind the crib hidden and plugs into the wall, so we have no idea how he got a hold of it...all we can guess as he was playing with his hands behind the crib rails and he felt the cord and being curious he started playing with it and pulled the long cord from the bottom, the camera part of the monitor stayed at the top of the crib and didn't move.) He was alert, panicked, screaming, crying so hard and very red faced. I was terrified, trying so hard to get the cord un-wrapped from his neck, it felt like forever and finally got it off and just held him close as he collapsed in my arms. He was hysterical as expected and I was crying my eyes out. The cord choked him bad leaving bad red lines and bruises around his neck and blood spots (petechia) all over his face and head. It was terrifying and Thank GOD he is alive.

Mason's camera monitor sits on the back top rail of his crib in the far corner, the cord to the monitor runs unseen down the back of the crib rails (the thickest part of the crib because its the side) and then plugs into the wall. The cord to that monitor is very, very long. When the accident happened, Mason had pulled through the crib slats all the loose cord into his crib with him and was tangled up in it and had it wrapped around his neck 4-6 times, strangling himself because he had rolled around with it so much. So... what we have done now to prevent this from happening again is: the camera monitor still sits at the top of his crib in the corner so we can still see him at night when he is sleeping and napping on the weekends. We have double taped (either use masking tape or painters tape so it doesn't mess up the furniture) the cord to the back of the crib as it runs down to the floor, the rest of the long cord is gathered up and zip-tied together and then tape is around that and lays under the crib on floor. It plugs into the wall behind his crib, but my husband did go ahead and put tape around the plug part too where is attaches to the wall. I hope all of this makes sense. If parents choose to secure or nail the monitor to the wall, that is fine too, but the cord still has to run down the wall to plug in. So, its just important for the cord to be taped down or secured in someway that it is not loose for a baby to grab and play with."

I use a video monitor, so I know exactly what this mom is talking about.  Ours isn't attached to the crib, but on the wall.  We have Kellen's crib pushed about a foot away from the wall where the monitor is hanging from a nail.  The wire dangles down the wall and plugs in at the bottom.

Just this past Sunday I asked Evan if he thought Kellen could reach the wire, we decided no.  Then I read this story!  My eyes swelled up with tears as I immediately called Evan and told him to take the monitor down until we can figure out the safest way to hang it. I had a conversation with Kellie right after I read it.  We were talking about how easy it is to overlook these things!  I hadn't given this one thought until this past Sunday, 14 months after Kellen was born!  This is why I wanted to share her story with all of you.  When we hear these scary stories, or read about recalls, and baby safety tips we need to be there to help each other out.  So, I hope that this post and Kellie's post helps you keep your baby safe. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

4 More To Go!

All I need are 4 more followers until I can show you all what my giveaway is going to be!  It is SO easy to follow my blog!  All you have to do is:

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Some people have told me that they are following my blog by signing up for email notification.  I REALLY appreciate that but if you want to be entered in the drawing you have to actually complete the steps listed above.  That is the only way I can monitor who is following.  I can't see who is getting email notices because blogger does it automatically.  Sorry!  I wish I could do it that way.  You actually need to have a google, twitter or yahoo account.  I use gmail, I think that is the best email service personally.

Click here for the original post. 

I hope you all have a really good night and a happy Friday!

OH!  Don't forget to vote!!!  :)
It is amazing to see that 90% of you voted GIRL!  
We will see who is right in 50 days!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Is Sweet Pea a BOY or a GIRL?

I figured out how to post a poll on my blog!  So, why not!  See on the upper right side of the page, just click boy or girl.  I am doing a poll on my wonderful mommy forum (TMP girls are THE BEST!!!) and so far the results are: 28.57% say boy and 71.43% say girl.  I gave my friends a list of my symptoms and let them decide what they think I am having.  So, want to play???  I LOVE polls!  Here are my symptoms, take your best guess and we will find out on March 2, at my Gender Reveal party.  I will blog about the details later.
Here are my symptoms:
*I am 13 weeks and still having morning sickness. It started around the 6th week.
*my complexion is horrible. I am breaking out left and right!
*I am carrying high...I think.
*I am extremely tired all the time.

*Low energy level.
*I am not experiencing the over emotional type symptoms. (like crying over Hallmark commercials)

*I am extremely edgy and get irritated really fast.  Poor Evan!
*I am craving sweet foods, like cookies, ice cream, milk shakes and candy! 
*No real food aversions.
*I am without a doubt showing.
*my nails aren't growing and neither is my hair.

Well good luck!  I am looking forward to seeing what my blogger friends think!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Farewell First Trimester and Speculations

Today is a very good day!  I am really starting to come to the realization that I am going to have a baby!  I know that must sound so weird to some of you, but it just doesn't seem real!  Even with all the sickness, and growing belly, and mood swings and exhaustion, it really doesn't.  I still can't believe that we are here. Chasing around a wild 14 month old boy and pregnant.  It doesn't seem real.  I honestly can't imagine what this is going to be like, taking care of a new born and Kellen.  I know it is going to be really hard at first, but this is certain to make Evan and me a stronger people and stronger parents! 

Everyone is telling me that they think sweet pea is a girl, only based on the fact that I've been so sick, but I know several preggos who are just as sick as me and are having boys.  So, while I appreciate the speculation for fun, it isn't anything that I base my opinion on.  There are so many WEIRD "wives tales" predicting gender.  Of course I have done most of them, FOR FUN!  Here are a few:

Baking Soda Test: ( I haven't done this one...yet)
Add 1/2 tsp - 1 tsp of baking soda to a cup, then add your urine to it and see what happens.
If it fizzes & bubbles its supposed to be boy.
If it does nothing at all its supposed to be girl.

Needle or Ring Test: (It predicted Girl)
Take a pin, needle, or wedding ring and attach it to a thread or strand of hair. Hold the dangling item over mom to be's belly while she is lying down. If the needle or wedding ring swings in a strong circular motion, you will be having a girl. If it moves in a to and fro motion like a pendulum, you will be having a boy.

Baby's Heart Beat: (Sweetpea's heartbeat was in the 150's, but so was Kellen's)
The theory states that if your baby's heart rate was 140 beats per minute and above, you would be having a girl. If the heart rate was under 140 beats per minute, then you would be having a boy.

Cabbage Test: ( I haven't done this one, but probably will!)
Buy a red cabbage. The size of the cabbage does not matter at all.
Cut the cabbage into big chunks. The smaller you cut the chunks, the better your results will turn out.
Boil some water on the stove and put in the chunks of cabbage.
Let the water and cabbage boil for about 10 minutes or so. When the ten minutes is up, remove it from the heat.
Grab a cup and go to the bathroom! Pee into the cup.
In a separate cup, mix 1 part of your urine to 1 part of the water that the cabbage was boiled in. No need to save the cabbage unless you want to eat it. It's pretty tasty, so you might want to eat it!

If the urine/cabbage water turns pink or red then this indicates a boy result.
If the urine/cabbage water turns purple, this indicates a girl result.

An Old Wives Tale Prediction Test: (It predicted Girl)
Click here: http://babygenderprediction.com/old-wives-tales/index.phtml

Chinese Gender Test: (It predicted Girl)
Click here: http://www.thelaboroflove.com/chart/pred.html

Again, these are just fun to do, but we won't know for sure until we throw our Gender Reveal Party and find out along with everyone else.

Here is what my little Sweet Pea is up to these days!
What's up with your baby? Well, besides being as large as a peach now, that big old noggin of hers is now about half the size of her crown-to-rump length (that’s one reason why your little peach looks more like an alien from outer space at this point). By the time you give birth, her body will catch up, measuring three-quarters of her total size. What else is going on in there? Tiny bones are beginning to form in her arms and legs, the intestines are beginning to move from the umbilical cord to the abdomen, and the vocal cords are well under construction (the first step toward saying, "I love you, Mommy!"). And because she can move her arms and legs in a jerky fashion, she may be able to get her thumb into her mouth (a habit that may come in handy for self-soothing when she’s a newborn).

And here is his/her home: (I instinctively typed "her"...lol, but then I change it to his/her)

And of course Kellen!  Who is the cutest little boy EVER!  We are working very hard on teaching him how to walk by himself.  He is perfect with his walker, and will walk by holding one of my fingers, but will still only take a couple steps independently.  Well, Evan was rather old when he started walking, so I am thinking that he is following Evan's foot steps.  I have no idea when I started walking, I will have to ask my mom that question.  I took this picture yesterday, I found Kellen napping like this!  SO CUTE!

Don't forget, if you want to be entered for a chance to win a great prize, you need to "follow" my blog.  For more details, click here:


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Note to Followers

A friend of mine was trying to follow my blog earlier today, but for some reason she wasn't showing up under the "follower" list.  She figured it out, she marked "Private" when she created her account so then her name and profile picture wouldn't show up under the follower list.  If you would like to be entered in the drawing, do not chose "Private" or "anonymous".  I need to see your name in the list in order to enter your name in the drawing.

We are getting close to my goal of 30!!!!  I can't believe it!  Thank you SO much for following!

Listening to the Heartbeat!

Today we went in for a regular check up (today I am 12 weeks and 5 days) and to listen to Sweet Pea's heartbeat.  My appt was very good! I was starting to get a little nervous because it was taking my dr a while to find the heartbeat, after what seemed like forever, there it was! Beating in the 150's. My dr said, "its a girl this week." Lol, Kellen's heartbeat was routinely between 150-160 (in fact the first time we heard Kellen's heart beat it was at 155!) , so that means nothing to me. She measured my fundal height and I am measuring right on track. Everything seems fine, so I will enjoy entering my second trimester on Saturday! 

Evan recorded a little of the heartbeat, here it is! You will hear my heartbeat at first and then the babies, then the both of ours together.  THAT is the sound I've been waiting to hear!  Being pregnant is starting to feel more real, but I still just can't believe it!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year Resolutions vs To Do Lists....

Did you make a New Year resolution?  I used to.  I used to do the normal resolutions, like eating healthier, lose weight etc...But, over the past few days, I thought about what I wanted my New Years resolution to be...and I came up empty.  I am eating healthy, I can't lose weight, I don't smoke...I can't think of anything else!  I think this year instead of setting a resolution, I will make myself a TO DO LIST for the YEAR...or at least until sweet pea comes!  That sounds more do-able for me anyways.  So, here is my list.

1. Clean out the dreaded storage room.  (I will muster up the guts to take a pic...ITS HORRIBLE!)  I want to clean this storage room up and make it into a nicely organized pantry and shoes/coat closet, but it is FULL of Christmas decorations, dog food, cat food, sweeper, mop, TONS of clothes, flooring, baseboards, Kellen toys, its horrible.  It will seriously take a miracle to organize!

2. Clean out all my kitchen cabinets!  There are 36 of them.  I want them scrubbed out and organized with labels.  LOL.

3. I want the den/study to be baby proofed.  This is going to be hard because of my desk, with all sorts of papers, electronics and lots of wires.  I am going to have to figure out how to baby proof all of that!

4. I HAVE to change the guest room into a baby/toddler room.  This can't be done until we find out the gender of the baby.  If I have a boy, the guest room will turn into a nursery for the new baby and Kellen will stay in his current room.  But, if it's a girl, Kellen's room will remain the nursery and Kellen will move into the guest room after I make it a BIG boy's room.  I think...I am entitled to change my mind at a moments notice.

5. I want to bleach down all the walls in the house.  I did this when I was pregnant with Kellen, but now a days,  its much harder to get things like this done.  A toddler running around a ladder and a prego on the ladder...doesn't mix well.

That is my to do list, not to mention all the other things I have to do just to prepare for the baby...like making LOTS of frozen foods for when sweet pea comes, sterilizing paci's, bottles, toys, oh God, where will I start with that!  Oh, well, I have 6 months, no make that 5 months to get ready!  EEK!!!

50th Post and Followers Wanted!

I have been wanting to do a giveaway since the day I started this blog.  It seemed so perfect that at the start of the new year, I would have reached my 50th post!  I want to give something away so bad, but with 7 followers that's kind of lame, so I want to have at least 30 followers before I do a give away.  I have something really nice in mind.  The names will be drawn by random.org, so it will be 100% fair.  So all you have to do is follow my blog! 

Don't know how to follow?  
*  Look on the right side of the page, you will see my popular posts, then My Blog List, Blog Archive and finally Followers.  Click on "Join this site".  
*  Then just sign in with either your Google, twitter or Yahoo account.  
*  Click Sign in
*  Then click Follow this blog

That's it!  I just tried it and it took me about 20 seconds.

I guess there should be some rules, so here they are:

- One entry if you already follow my blog (A BIG thanks to you!), just leave a comment in the comment section stating that you are already a follower.
- If you would like a second chance to win, leave me a second comment telling me that you've blogged about the giveaway and attach the link.
- Once the winner is announced the winner has 24 hours to claim their prize.

The contest will begin as soon as I reach 30 followers.  At that point, I will announce the prize!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I just wanted to wish you all a very....