Saturday, December 31, 2011


2011.  For the most part 2011 was a really good year for us.  We got to enjoy a full year loving our sweet little boy and watching him grow.  He started to eat big boy foods and drink from a straw.  He learned how to crawl and climb on everything.  He started laughing and calling our names.  He has made our lives much better and much brighter.  In 2011 we found out that we are going to be able to experience the biggest joy in the world all over again!  My grandma spent the year completely cancer free!  I hope and pray that she continues to be in EXCELLENT health for 2012!  My best friend is in the process of adopting 2 Haitian girl babies!  I am sure she is really excited about 2012 because this year she will probably have her daughters at home with her.  I reconnected with a lot of old friends this year, and made several new friends.  Evan and I are still working for a really good company, who takes very good care of us.  I can't complain at all about 2011, but I can say that I am really looking forward to 2012!

Several friends of mine and some family too, went through some changes.  For some, those changes weren't very good.  Some separations, divorce, job losses and death of loved ones.  I pray that they are able to appreciate the time that they had in 2011 and are blessed with a very positive and joyful 2012.

Here we are ringing in 2011!

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