Saturday, November 5, 2011

He is one! *Lots of pics and a video at the end*

Geez, it has been a very eventful 2 weeks!  I left off with "The Day Before...", and haven't had one single second to blog!  On Saturday, Oct 22 Kellen woke up with blaring red cheeks.  We could tell he wasn't feeling very well and his breathing was labored.  I called the pediatrician and after explaining his symptoms, they told me that Kellen had Fifth Disease.  A common thing in children.  I had to make the decision to reschedule his NC Owl birthday party.  That was sad.  Monday, I felt that Kellen wasn't getting any better, in fact he was rapidly getting worse, so again I called the pediatrician and they told me to bring him in.  I took him in and we saw a different pediatrician, he told me that Kellen developed Croup.  I didn't know much about it besides a little research I did online, but it was REALLY scary and he sounded horrible!  I was so sad for him since it was the day before his birthday!  While we were at the pedi's office I told the dr that we were supposed to be on the road to PA, but were going to postpone it because of Kellen, but the pedi told me that Kellen would most likely start feeling better by Tuesday and to go ahead and go.  He prescribed a round of steroids and I immediately started giving it to Kellen.  So, on Tuesday, Kellen's birthday we drove to PA.  I could tell his throat hurt and wasn't feeling good, but the lack of activity of sitting in a car for 9 hours would help him heal quicker.  We got to PA late on Tuesday night. Happy First Birthday Kellen!!!  On this day last year you marked my defining moment in life.  I spent that day in shock that you were here and I felt the most intense love.  Today I stare at you and thank GOD that you were brought to me.  I love you more than you will ever imagine!!

This is how Kellen spent most of his first few days on vacation.  Poor baby!

On Wednesday I could tell that Kellen wasn't getting any better, like the pediatrician said he would, so Stacey and I took him to a doctor in Indiana PA. Sure enough, he had a double ear infection and infected vocal folds!!! YIKES! He was given more steroids and an antibiotic.  It took a while for the medicine to start working, but eventually it did.  We spent the rest of the day and Thursday trying to make him as comfortable as possible and didn't go anywhere.

Friday morning we went to see my grandma may, then Friday night we went to Char and Les' house for dinner.

Saturday we went to the Thomas's Halloween party (we dressed up as the FUNK FAMILY).

Sunday we went to church and then we had Kellen's Steelers Birthday Party, which was a huge hit and we had a blast!  It was completely Steelers themed including the special smash cupcake for Kellen.  I never thought that I would actually let my baby smash cake all over his face, but I convinced myself to do it so Kellen would have that experience and get to taste HIS cake!  After the party Kellen immediately took a huge nap (and I did too!)  The Steelers played the Patriots, and we WON!!!!


Then, on Monday we visited again with my grandma and then that night we took Kellen trick or treating.  He was dressed up as Sylvester the cat!  STINKING CUTE!!!!  And, I already have his costume for next year!!!  I can't say what he will be, I love surprises!!

Tuesday, we packed a little through the day while Kellen napped, then Evan and I decided to have some quiet family time.  We showed Kellen the IUP campus.  The campus has changed and grown so much!!  And the leaves in the Oak Grove were perfect!!  Then we took him to Getty Heights Park.  We had so much fun!  I have to say, I think we all had equal amounts of fun there!  Then we went out for dinner and a quick run for diapers.  LOL!  Story of my life, diapers, diapers, DIAPERS!!!  LOL!

Wednesday we drove home.  Even though Evan and Kellen got sick it great vacation.  I got to spend much more time with my grandma and I REALLY needed to spend lots of time with her.  She has only seen Kellen once before this trip and I really wanted her to get to know him.  I just hope and pray that the next time we get to take time off of work we will be able to spend even more time with her.  She needs to have Kellen in her life and to give her something to live for.  For those of you who don't know, my grandma is my heart.  She has been battling bladder cancer and last Christmas she had her bladder removed as well as her ovaries.  She isn't in the best health right now, so when we get the chance to go to PA, I will spend most of our time with her.  And to top it all off, I got sick as soon as we got home on Wednesday!  But, at least I was tip top to take care of my sick birthday boy!

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