Thursday, November 17, 2011

1 year appointment

Kellen had his 1 year pediatrician appointment today. Poor boy, he goes into the dr's office as happy and playful as can be, laughing and talking, and then he gets those dreaded shots and leaves crying. Breaks my heart, but I choose to keep my baby healthy! But, geez, those needles are so long! I would be crying too! Luckily he has big ole' fat thighs!!! So, he is 30.5 inches tall (75th%) and weighs 22 lbs 6.5oz (50th%). Excellent bill of health! Healthy baby=super happy mommy!

He is doing so well!  He is talking like crazy these days and loves so much to play in his walker.  He runs as fast as he can through the kitchen, dinning room and den.  He plays bumper cars with it!  He will run full speed and smash into what ever, including our feet!!!  And, that hurts!  LOL!  He is really attached to me.  For the past couple of weeks whenever I leave the room he cries for me and just wants me to be near him.  It is sweet, but very exhausting.  We are having his Owl NC Birthday party this Sunday.  We are looking forward to spending the afternoon with our wonderful friends.  He is wearing size 12-18 months in clothes and size 5-6 in diapers.  Starting on Saturday I will be eliminating the bottle...cold turkey.  Please pray that he adjusts well!  This boy LOVES his bub!

Thanksgiving will be sweet and simple this year.  Our friends, the Jepson's are coming over to join us.  So, we are looking forward to that.  It will be a busy week!  I am so glad that the holidays are upon us and really happy to share it with Evan and Kellen. :)

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