Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mommy's Little Monster!

Kellen is surely cracking me up!  He does this funny thing now.  I will look at him and say while shaking my head, "Are you a CRAZY baby?" and he will smile the biggest cutest smile and shake his head no.  He shakes it soooo hard he almost falls over and loses his balance!!  It is really funny!  I've been teaching him to pucker up when I say, "Mummy needs a kiss." and sometimes he will lean in to kiss me, sometimes he will turn his head away from me.  However, when daddy tries to give him a kiss he will either turn his head away OR (and I think this is hilarious), he give Evan the "stiff arm" and won't let him kiss him.  So funny!!!

Then other other day Evan was trying to baby proof our TV stand because Kellen has figured out how to open the drawer and pull out all of Evan's electronic stuff and chew on them.  So, Evan found a bracket to latch the door.  But, Kellen didn't want him to!  Kellen was yelling at Evan, climbing all over him, pulling his hair and pulling his ears.  I guess he REALLY didn't want THAT baby proofed!

And, Kellen's nick name has changed from Bean to....MONSTER!  My little monster!  I am constantly laughing at my little monster!

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Meg said...

lol! Well he is a super cute monster!