Monday, July 18, 2011

Big Boy Foods

I was having such a hard time getting Kellen to eat the pureed food that I was giving him. So, I found out that he LOVES table food, so that is all I've been giving him for the past few weeks. And now he doesn't want anything to do with the purees! He went right into table foods! He loves puffs, banana biscuits, chunks of green beans, carrots, potatoes, banana, chicken, macaroni and cheese, noodles with a squash puree, peas, egg yolk, and raspberries. It is so much easier to feed him now, because he just gets what Evan and I are having, I just don't add any salt or sugar to Kellen's foods. He is certainly eating his solids much better now. I tell him all the time that he is eating big boy foods now!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

You know your a mom when...

You know you're a mom if you've ever crawled under a crib at 2 a.m. searching for that special toy like your life depended on it.

You know you're a mom if you've ever stuck a pacifier in your mouth just to clean it off!

You know you are a mom when you start looking at diaper bags the same as you did those awesome leather purses currently hanging in your closet.

You know you're a mom if you can take a shower, do hair and makeup in less than 10 minutes (with an audience).

You know you're a mom if you don't even shut the door to go to the bathroom.

You know you're a mom if you taste baby food along with the evening meal.

You know you're a mom if you think singing 'Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer' at bedtime every night year-round is completely rational ... because it works!

You know your a mom if you have ever held out your hands to catch spit up.

You know you're a mom when your child has more clothing than you do, and you are proud of that!

You know your a mom if the best part of your day was spending an evening with your baby while grocery and clothes shopping for your baby!

Monday, July 11, 2011

It's been a busy month!

On June 25, Kellen turned 8 months old! That day I took him swimming with some friends, Jen and Gregg, Samantha, Alex and Hans, and Veronica and Maddie. We had a great day and Kellen loved the did I!!!

Here are Kellen's stats:
Size Diapers- Size 4
Size Clothes- 6-9 months
Eating and how much- He is eating 6-6.5 ounces of breast milk every 2.5 hrs, plus solids foods twice/day...that is if I can get Evan to feed him lunch! He isn't too big into the solids yet, but I think we are getting there!
Height- 27 inches
Weight- 20.5 pounds
Accomplishments- He sits completely unassisted, he is just about to start crawling! He does a little army crawl all around the house! He got his second hair cut on June 30. He sometimes says "mummum and dadda". His eyes are still super blue!

On July 1-4 Stacey and Rick came down for a quick visit. We had to cram everything into a very short period of time, but it was the best weekend! Saturday morning we hiked Mount Pisgah with Jen and Gregg.

After the hike we had a little picnic where we discovered that Kellen LOVES lemons!! We went home, got showered, and then Jen and Gregg had us over for dinner. The lasagna was sooooo yummo!!! I need to get the recipe! Then she had a few friends over. We had a great time!

Sunday I invited Jen and Gregg to our house for a Korean dinner! We ate rice cake soup, sushi, egg rolls, and kimchee...ok, I was the only one who ate the kimchee!

Monday Stacey and Rick drove back home, and that night we took Kellen to see the fireworks with Jen, Gregg and Amber. The loud booms didn't phase my little boy one bit! He just sat there and watched them. For Evan's birthday on July 5 we had strawberry cheese cake and I got him a pool! It is a small pool, 13 feet by 39 inches. Perfect for our yard and for Kellen! Hopefully we can set it up this weekend! Its been so hot!

We also adopted a little kitten! On June 9, two 5week old kittens were found in the gutter where I work, one boy and one girl. My co-worker took the boy and I took the girl! She is so cute! We named her Sophia. She is really good with Kellen and Kaden. She is wild child especially at night! We all love her very much and are so glad to have a kitty again!

And here are just a couple pictures that will for sure make you smile!!!