Sunday, June 5, 2011


Our vacation began at midnight, Friday morning! Kellen was sleeping when Evan got home from work at 11:00pm. We did a run through to make sure everything was all good to go, put Kellen in his car seat and left. Kellen quickly woke up, but just relaxed in his car seat for about an hour and then drifted off to sleep. Evan drove the entire 9 hour trip! I napped on and off with Kellen in the back seat. Kellen was an angel! He didn't fuss once! Here he is after 8 hours into the drive just as excited as me!

We arrived at Charlene and Les' home at 9am. Kellen was very happy to see his grandparents! We settled in and eventually took a nap. Friday night we took Kellen to see a band at Speil's Tavern. The band was REALLY loud, so we put on Kellen's headphones and he fell asleep and I got to enjoy an ice cold beer! I LOVED the way the bathroom was decorated! I want my bathroom to look like this! Isn't that cute!?!?
This is the band we saw...

Saturday morning I went to visit a friend, Carissa Lusack Poloff. She recently started a new business called Allicat Boutique. She made Kellen the cutest onsie! She also makes the CUTEST hairbows, headbands and bow holders. Click on "Allicat Boutique" above to visit her page and place an order!! It was great seeing her!
After my visit with Carissa, I went to another friends studio to have Kellen's pictures done. Shannon Sechrist Brown owns Photoality Photography Studio and Xcentric Candle and Soap Works. Check her pages out and tell her I said hello! I will post the pictures that Shannon took soon! But, in the mean time you can click on "Photoality Photography Studio" above and see the pics that she took!!!!

Later that night we went to Trinity United Methodist Church for Kellen's Baptism rehearsal. Afterwards we went to the Thomas's house for dinner and a bonfire! I love bonfires! We had a great time seeing all of the Thomas' and friends!
Donna Thomas (Stacey's mom)
Stacey, my best friend in the world!
Aunt TaeTae (Stacey)

Sunday morning we went for Kellen's Baptism! Today was the best day! When I got to the church I was expecting to see Charlene and Les, the Thomas' (Donna, Randy, Tiffany, Travis, Tristin and of course Kellen's God Parents Stacey and Rick) as well as my Grandma Wells, Carol, Tom and Kristen. BUT to my SURPRISE my Grandma May, Justin, Ann, Tom and Angie were there! I cried when I saw my Grandma May! Kellen got to meet his GREAT grandmas! It was so wonderful to have the support for Kellen. The service was perfect, the Baptism was amazing! Again, I cried!
The whole family!!!
The God Parents, Stacey and Rick
Kellen's GREAT Grandmas Grandma Wells and Grandma May
Kellen's CharChar and PapPap
Kellen's Great Aunt Ann, Great Uncle Tom and cousin Angie (who by the way looks just like me when I was her age:)
Kellen's cousin Kristen, Great Aunt Carol, and Great Uncle Tom
Kellen's SUPER TALL Uncle Justin

After the ceremony Charlene and Les had a small celebration at their home. My Grandma May, Justin, Carol, Tom, Kristen and Kato (their puppy), Stacey, Rick, Donna, Randy, Tiffany, Travis and Evan's Aunt Susie and Uncle Gerry were there. It was so hot, but everyone had a good time.

Monday morning I took Kellen to meet my family and Stacey and Rick for breakfast. Afterwards, I took Grandma home. I love spending time with her. She is the best woman in the world! She is so strong and loving. I wish I could be in PA to take excellent care of her! She has always taken care of me and I wish I could do the same for her. After I dropped my grandma off we went to visit Stacey for a while. Then we all went swimming at the Fairweather's pool.

The rest of the trip was very relaxing! We stopped running around like we were in a marathon and simply relaxed.

Again, on the drive home Kellen was so good! He either slept, watched videos or played with his toys.

The trip was wonderful! I love my family and friends. They are all so good to my son and husband. I can't wait to go back and do it all again!

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