Sunday, May 15, 2011

A New Day And A Hair Cut

It's a new day! I've been feeling much better lately! I've kinda gotten back into a routine and feel like I am able to focus more. Kellen is really starting to move! He moves all around on the floor and is never in the same position when I lay him down to sleep. His cries have changed! It's kinda cute! He presses his lips together and makes a "mmm" sound. He stopped sucking his thumb too! Making raspberries is lots of fun for him and he makes lots of different sounds. The BIGGEST changed we've noticed is that Kellen is ticklish! His feet, his tummy, his arm pits and his neck is really ticklish! I love tickling him!

Kellen had his 6 month check up on May 6. Here are his stats!
Head: 17.25in
Height: 26.5in
Weight: 19lbs 2oz

He got another round of shots. He did really well! When the nurse and I got him into position for his shots (on my lap) and he saw the needle he immediately started to cry. His nurse is SO good, she is so quick! As soon as she was done he stopped crying. Such a brave little boy!

We are still introducing new foods to him. He isn't as into solids as he was. His pediatrician told me that we could start giving him solids twice a day, but I am still only feeding him once a day since he isn't as into it these days. We've given him peas, which he really did like and ate all of them, then I tried acorn squash, peaches and mango.

On May 12, Kellen got his first hair cut! I was really putting this off! Who has to give their 6 month old baby a hair cut?!?!?! I will admit, I was sad cutting it off, but his hair was so long and it was getting in his eyes, so I decided it was time to give him a little trim. He didn't even cry! He still has tons of hair, but at least it isn't getting in his eyes anymore!

Here are some pics!



Kellen and mommy showing off his new do!

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