Monday, April 4, 2011

"Here's Hoping It's A Girl!!!"

So, on Friday, I made this cute little sign which read, "Here's Hoping It's A Girl", with a positive pregnancy test, a cute little girls outfit and laid it all on a pink blanket. I quickly took a picture to capture the moment. I sat on our glider holding Kellen and asked Evan to bring me a blanket. I had to lure him into the bedroom since the goods were on our bed. He walked right by and missed it, he brought me the WRONG blanket! I told him to bring me the other blanket, he says, "what blanket?", I said... on the bed! He said "what are these clothes doing here?", and walks over to me with the pink blanket, stops...frozen (I saw the thought literately reach his brain!!!), the color rushes from his face and says, "OMG, are you pregnant?" He was staring so intently at me! And asks again, "Are you?", as I watched his face get whiter and whiter I started laughing so hard that my entire body was shaking!!! After a few seconds, I had to say "april fools"! Hehehe! He was a good sport! After the blood rushed back to his head we BOTH laughed about it! Love you, Evan!;)

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charchar said...

You had me going for a minute......what an April fools trick that was!!!