Thursday, April 7, 2011

By Your Side

I have always loved music. I sang in choir since I was 5 years old, made county chorus all through high school and was even the youngest high school student at my high school to make state chorus. I've always loved to sing, and I still love all genres of music. Once I graduated high school I joined a band. At first the band I joined was called "Mad About Madeline", we were labeled, "ethereal rock". Then after a couple years, we evolved into "Spellamya". Those were some of the best years of my life...that is when I first started dating Evan! Since Kellen was conceived I felt it was very important for him to be exposed to music. We played lots of music while I was pregnant with him. Once he was born, he went through a typical phase of "needing something more." We couldn't figure it out! I decided to play a song for him. I always felt a connection with a particular song, but never knew why. The song is called, "By Your Side", by Sade. One evening when Kellen was 4 weeks old and was inconsolable, I decided to play that song. Within a few seconds, he calmed down. He stopped crying and stared into my eyes and slowly and peacefully drifted off to sleep. I played that particular song for weeks and successfully put my sweet angel to sleep. The lyrics are just perfect. I will always be by his side. Then just today, Kellen was having a very difficult day. Either he is teething or has gas, we aren't sure, but I am sure when I tell you that something told me to play that song...and so I did. I held him in my arms, and swayed to the music. And sure enough, within a few seconds he stopped crying and drifted off to sleep. This is our song! God bless you sweet Kellen, I am so thankful for you and I will FOREVER be by your side.

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charchar said...

I'm feeling very mellow after that.....zzzzcc