Friday, March 18, 2011

The first night…

10.25 All night long, I watched Kellen sleep. I was still so keyed up, I couldn’t sleep! I am trying to nurse, but this isn’t easy! The best part of my night was doing skin-to-skin with Kellen and smelling him and feeling like I can finally relax. He is here! He is fine and healthy! He slept off and on all night long and didn’t cry at all, well, except when we change his diaper…he doesn’t like that at all! It is so strange to think that he was just in my belly. I am in love! Evan and I feel like we’ve been doing this our whole life! We get up together when it is time to change his diaper; we are doing all of it together. No “shift” taking. We even put his diaper on backwards and when we went to change it Kellen peed all over us! We just laughed.

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