Friday, March 18, 2011

The first night at home…

10.26 Today has been great! Spending the day with my new family! I’ve been cleaning up the hospital room a bit because Kellen is doing so good, we are being released early! I did feel bad when they took Kellen away to be circumcised though. They told me that he would only be gone for 10 minutes, but he was away for 20 minutes and I started to get upset. But then he was brought back, my sweet baby!!! I scooped him up and could tell he was ok. We had some visitors today! My friend Cindy came for a while, then Jen and Amanda came!

My great friend Cindy.

My wonderful friends Jen, Amanda and Stacey.

The hospital released us on Tuesday night, at 8:00pm. It was so cute putting Kellen in his car seat, he is SO tiny in it! He slept the entire ride home. Stacey is still here with us. Thank God! She is my saving grace! She cooks and cleans for us, she is taking very good care of all 3 of us! She has been amazing; I wish I could get her to stay with us forever! Kellen was up a lot more tonight, and he is crying a little bit more. It is such a soft little cry. I think he is hungry. I wish my milk would come in NOW!!! I am pumping every 2 hours trying to get it to come in and I am very sore and extremely swollen! OUCH!!!! I feel like I’ve had my boobs done! An instant boob job! Evan and I take turns doing skin-to-skin. The nurse told us to do it as often as possible, so we do it ALL the time! He has the most perfect little finger nails! And he has so much hair! He brings me so much joy!

Kellen is all ready to go home!

Kellen's ride home from the hospital.

Stacey loving on Kellen.

My passed out boys. Evan held him like this ALL night long!

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