Thursday, March 24, 2011

4 Months Old

Kellen is amazing! He truly lights up our lives. I will admit, this schedule that Evan and I have right now is so hard. It is tough not seeing Evan. I see him for 15 minutes Monday through Thursday, and for about 30 seconds when he comes into our bedroom to give me and Kellen a kiss when gets home from work… at 1:30am! That is hard. I only see him on Friday night, Saturday night and our only “day” together is Sunday. I try and squeeze in as much time together when we do see each other. We are learning though. We are figuring out how to adjust and we know that this is the best for Kellen. Knowing that he has one parent at all times makes us feel like we are giving him the best. That makes all the hard work SO worth it!

I can't believe that Kellen is 4 months old!!! He turned 4 months on Feb 25! Today we had his 4 month check up. He got his 2nd round of immunizations. He was fine for his shots. Of course he cried at first, then he calmed down and I gave him his b-milk. His dr said that he was very healthy. And said that I could start giving him rice cereal...I almost passed out. I know some mom's can't wait to start their baby on cereal, but I am not that mom. I am not ready to! The pedi told me that I could wait if I wanted to. But that developmentally, he was ready. GEEZ, why is he growing up so fast?!?!?! I thought I would hold off for a couple more months…then…

Just 2 days later, on a Sunday morning, as I ate my breakfast, I noticed Kellen was staring very intently at me. Every single time I put my cereal in my mouth he would smile and then "eat" the air. He did it the entire time I ate! So, I decided it was time...I gave Kellen his first bit of rice cereal. HE LOVED IT! I wasn't expecting him to like it so much! And in typical Lisa fashion, we caught the whole meal on video and took pictures. What can I say, I am very proud of my boy and LOVE showing him off…I AM that mom!!!

Kellen weighs 16 pounds even and is 24.25 inches long. I was on the phone with my mother in law, Charlene and I told her what percentile range Kellen was in for weight and height. She told me that they should have percentiles for amount of hair! I laughed so hard! This boy has SO much hair! He was born with SO much hair! Our little future hair model!

Kellen’s milestones:
*Beginning to laugh that cute little baby laugh and it just MELTS my heart!!!
*Getting much better at tummy time (he used to hate it)
*Rolling over
*He does 360's on his mat while he lies on his back
*Loves his Bumbo
*Experimenting with Object Permanence (really cute and I caught it on camera!)
*Grabbing at toys and putting them in his mouth
*Especially loves it when I bounce him around, play airplane with him and sing Patty Cake with him
*He is great at "dancing" in his jumperoo
*He almost has figured out how to hold his own bottle!!!!
*He wears size 2 Pampers (but not for much longer)
*He wears size 3-6 and 6 months clothes.
*He is a pro at making mommy and daddy happy!!!

We have a little thumb sucker too! I was a little torn between giving him a pacifier or condoning the thumb sucking. Kellen took a bink for about 2 weeks, then he was over it! I’ve read that giving your baby a bink at bed time will reduce the possibility for SIDS, but still he won’t take a bink. So, he will sleep in my bedroom until the possibility is ELIMINATED! On February 17, a friend that I know from one of my mommy forums lost her baby to SIDS. Her name is Maddie. She was 4 months and 3 days old when she got her angel wings; much, MUCH too soon. She was born just 11 days before Kellen. We’ve been devastated and even more protective of Kellen. I can’t imagine the pain that Kellie is going through. It makes me cry just typing those words. All I know is that Kellie and her husband actually got to see and hold an angel for 4 months and not everyone can say that!
Here are some of Kellen’s 4 month pictures!

Daddy and Kellen

Mommy and Kellen

I told you he likes to suck his thumb! This is the toy he got after his 4 month check up. It is hilarious!

Great hair!


Tummy time!

Sleeping with his seahorse


Kellen wanted to give this flower to Maddie. We sent this picture to Kellie.

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