Saturday, March 19, 2011

1 week old!

I can’t believe that my baby is one week already! He is such a good baby! He only cries when his diaper is being changed. We had a pretty good run with Jaundice. That was AWFUL! And thank God it is over. When Kellen turned 2 days old we noticed that his face was yellowing a little. So, on Wednesday 10.27 Kellen had his very first dr appointment. He dropped a little weight. He was at 5 lbs 14 oz. The nurse said that was normal, that babies will lose weight after they are born because while they are in the womb they constant are fed through the umbilical cord and in the amniotic fluid. They checked his bilirubin levels, which I HATED!!!!!! It is SO sad! The nurse placed a warm compress on his tiny baby foot to help get his blood flowing. Then she pricked it with a needle and then SQUEEZED the crap out of his leg and foot to draw the blood out. HE SCREAMED!!! And cried! I thought I was going to have a heart attack! I couldn’t believe it! We tried to calm him down, but he was so upset!!! After waiting 20 minutes, his Dr came back in and told us that his bili levels were elevated. He told me that since it took my milk so long to come in that the lack of fluids isn’t flushing out the bilirubin. Since my milk was just coming in he asked that we come back in two days and have his levels re-checked. Oh, no!!! Not again! My milk finally came in on 10.28, I knew this had to help. So, on 10.29 he got pricked all over again! I hate this. His levels weren’t dropping. Again, we had to go back in two days. This is getting ridiculous!!!! On 10.31 I dressed him up in his Halloween outfit and we went back to the dr’s office. Yes, it happened for third time. This time I cried almost as bad as he did. His levels were still elevated. The pedi suggested a bili blanket. He had to lie on this bili blanket for almost 24 hours. This put an end to swaddling. We followed the pedi’s instructions and came back after 2 day of using the bili blanket. Stacey nicknamed him "glow worm":) 11.2, was Kellen’s 1 week appointment. He weighed 6 lbs 1 oz. His levels were checked and his foot was pricked for a FORTH time! I told Evan that if his levels weren’t down that I was going to find a new pedi. I just didn’t want to do this anymore!!!! His little foot still had the punctures from the other pricks. I just didn’t want to put my baby through any more pain! The results came back, and they were lower!!!! Thank you God! They were still a little high, so we had to go back for them to check it. 11.4, after 2 more days of the bili blanket, and plenty of milk, we went back for the FIFTH prick. And thank God, his levels were normal. Good bye bili blanket, good bye pricking!!!
Charlene and Les arrived on 11.2. It has been great having them here! We love spending time with them and I want Kellen to be close to them. They have helped us so much with Kellen, the house work, cooking, and cleaning. I love having family here!

On our way to the Pedi.

Halloween outfit #1

Halloween outfit #2

CharChar and PapPap hold Kellen for the first time.

Cousin Hyla holds Kellen for the first time.

Uncle Matt holds Kellen for the first time.

Sleepy baby!

All snuggled up!

Kellen's first and favorite toy, a musical light up Seahorse, from CharChar and PapPap. We played with this seahorse while I was pregnant so Kellen could hear the music, he recognized the music right away!!!

I am SO happy!

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