Thursday, March 31, 2011

5 Months Old

Oh boy, where to start!! This has been an exciting month! Still learning new things everyday! And I can tell that I have settled down into mommy-hood. I am calming down...a little (small steps people!!!) as I don't freak out as much...or maybe as often...or perhaps I've learned to keep it to myself...well, whatever, I am trying!!! Anyways, Evan brought Kellen to work today to do our switch off. Kellen did great! I was so excited to see him and I couldn't wait until they arrived!!! He got passed around like a football, but he never fussed. Just smiled and looked around at all the unfamiliar faces. After about an hour of playing baby football he started to fuss. Not a lot, just a little. Someone asked me, "What does he want?" I simply said, "I don't know. I just have to figure it out." At the time I didn't think to much about my comment. Later, as I drove home and thought about the football game, I was really proud of myself. I stayed calm and just figured out what he wanted. No big deal, it was all good!

Evan is still getting very little sleep and that makes me feel bad. I am really surprised to see that he is lasting this long! I am sure that when he sees Kellen smile at him early in the morning he helps Evan forget about the lack of sleep. I do feel bad for him though.

We went to a St. Patty's Day party! Kellen's first REAL party! It was so fun! My great friend Jen threw a great party! We had a blast! Kellen did too! Our friend Amanda (aka Aunt NeNe) dressed him up...hilarious! He looked like a baby leprechaun! It was really nice getting out and have a good, yet responsible time! I have to admit, it was really weird going to a party with a baby, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Here are Kellen's stats:
Size Diapers- Size 3 in Huggies
Size Clothes- Some 3-6 months, mostly 6 months
Eating and how much- We've put cereal on hold for a few days (he got a little constipated from the rice cereal, so I am giving his digestive system a little break and then on Sunday I will resume with oatmeal. He is eating 6-6.5 ounces of breast milk every 2.5 hrs.
Milestones- He rolls over all the time now from belly to back and back to belly, makes razzing sounds, bears some weight on both legs, pulls up to a standing position from sitting, passes toys from one hand to the other, makes LOTS of sounds, laughs like crazy (he is getting ticklish!), starting to hold his own bottle, he reaches for toys and then puts them in his mouth, and he's figured out how to work some toys.
Sleep Schedule- One hour nap in the AM (usually), 1/2 hour nap in the late afternoon/early evening. Bedtime is usually around 9pm, he wakes up around 8am.

We feel so incredibly blessed that God has given us the most precious gift that could ever be given. I am so grateful! Kellen fills a hole in my heart that I never knew was there!

I will be taking Kellen's 5 month pictures very soon, but here are some pics from the party and over the past few days...:)

My little leprechaun baby! (BTW, his AWESOME onsie was given to him by Char Char and PapPap, and it VERY appropriately says, "The Cool Kid Just Showed Up", very appropriate for a party!!!)

This is one of my FAVORITE pics of Kellen and me!

My Little Martz Family!

Kellen's 5 month birthday toy!

Kellen got a highchair too for his 5 month birthday!

Sitting in his new highchair showing off his new bib, "Star of Mommy's Blog"...hehehe!

It was this past Saturday, March 26, and I could NOT get Kellen to nap for me at all! Evan was home for 5 minutes, took Kellen to give me a break and look what happened! GEEZ!!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

What’s next? Dating, driving, college, SLOW DOWN KID!!! And an obsessed mom!

March 13…Kellen has his first taste of solid food! I really tossed this around. I wasn’t sure if I should introduce rice cereal. I am a little (ok a lot) obsessive when it comes to giving Kellen the best. BTW, that is just my personality. I know that I over analyze everything, I plan out everything to a T and if I am unsure about something I will find an answer if it kills me!!! For me, the hardest thing about being a parent is figuring out what the right thing to do is. This has been a big topic of discussion around the Martz home. When I was pregnant, I joined a wonderful forum called “The Mommy Playbook”. I went there when Evan and I wanted to start trying to conceive (I was told once when I was younger that I would have a hard time conceiving and I believed it. Also, I took a hormone test which told me that my levels were off- which they weren’t…I just took the test at the wrong time of the month. My Ob and NP told me I had nothing to worry about, but in typical Lisa fashion, I worried.) I remained an active member of the forum after we conceived and throughout my pregnancy. Actually, I am still a member of that forum. In addition to the forum I read every single book that I could get my hands on! The best book that I read was, “Pregnancy Day by Day" by Paula Amato MD, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Oregon Health and Science University and Maggie Blott, MB BS. That particular book explained exactly what was happening throughout my pregnancy; what foods to eat, what foods not to eat, what vitamins to take, what exercises to do, and kept me informed of the growth that was happening to my baby. EXCELLENT and I followed it to a T! But now that I have the baby, I want a book like that! One that tells me what I need to do to make sure Kellen is getting everything (physically, emotionally, and developmentally) but there isn’t a book that explains all of that!! After I noticed Kellen watching me eat, I gave him rice cereal. He loves it! Now, once a day I give him his cereal. My boy is growing up so fast! Here are some pictures (in order) of his first taste of rice cereal.

4 Months Old

Kellen is amazing! He truly lights up our lives. I will admit, this schedule that Evan and I have right now is so hard. It is tough not seeing Evan. I see him for 15 minutes Monday through Thursday, and for about 30 seconds when he comes into our bedroom to give me and Kellen a kiss when gets home from work… at 1:30am! That is hard. I only see him on Friday night, Saturday night and our only “day” together is Sunday. I try and squeeze in as much time together when we do see each other. We are learning though. We are figuring out how to adjust and we know that this is the best for Kellen. Knowing that he has one parent at all times makes us feel like we are giving him the best. That makes all the hard work SO worth it!

I can't believe that Kellen is 4 months old!!! He turned 4 months on Feb 25! Today we had his 4 month check up. He got his 2nd round of immunizations. He was fine for his shots. Of course he cried at first, then he calmed down and I gave him his b-milk. His dr said that he was very healthy. And said that I could start giving him rice cereal...I almost passed out. I know some mom's can't wait to start their baby on cereal, but I am not that mom. I am not ready to! The pedi told me that I could wait if I wanted to. But that developmentally, he was ready. GEEZ, why is he growing up so fast?!?!?! I thought I would hold off for a couple more months…then…

Just 2 days later, on a Sunday morning, as I ate my breakfast, I noticed Kellen was staring very intently at me. Every single time I put my cereal in my mouth he would smile and then "eat" the air. He did it the entire time I ate! So, I decided it was time...I gave Kellen his first bit of rice cereal. HE LOVED IT! I wasn't expecting him to like it so much! And in typical Lisa fashion, we caught the whole meal on video and took pictures. What can I say, I am very proud of my boy and LOVE showing him off…I AM that mom!!!

Kellen weighs 16 pounds even and is 24.25 inches long. I was on the phone with my mother in law, Charlene and I told her what percentile range Kellen was in for weight and height. She told me that they should have percentiles for amount of hair! I laughed so hard! This boy has SO much hair! He was born with SO much hair! Our little future hair model!

Kellen’s milestones:
*Beginning to laugh that cute little baby laugh and it just MELTS my heart!!!
*Getting much better at tummy time (he used to hate it)
*Rolling over
*He does 360's on his mat while he lies on his back
*Loves his Bumbo
*Experimenting with Object Permanence (really cute and I caught it on camera!)
*Grabbing at toys and putting them in his mouth
*Especially loves it when I bounce him around, play airplane with him and sing Patty Cake with him
*He is great at "dancing" in his jumperoo
*He almost has figured out how to hold his own bottle!!!!
*He wears size 2 Pampers (but not for much longer)
*He wears size 3-6 and 6 months clothes.
*He is a pro at making mommy and daddy happy!!!

We have a little thumb sucker too! I was a little torn between giving him a pacifier or condoning the thumb sucking. Kellen took a bink for about 2 weeks, then he was over it! I’ve read that giving your baby a bink at bed time will reduce the possibility for SIDS, but still he won’t take a bink. So, he will sleep in my bedroom until the possibility is ELIMINATED! On February 17, a friend that I know from one of my mommy forums lost her baby to SIDS. Her name is Maddie. She was 4 months and 3 days old when she got her angel wings; much, MUCH too soon. She was born just 11 days before Kellen. We’ve been devastated and even more protective of Kellen. I can’t imagine the pain that Kellie is going through. It makes me cry just typing those words. All I know is that Kellie and her husband actually got to see and hold an angel for 4 months and not everyone can say that!
Here are some of Kellen’s 4 month pictures!

Daddy and Kellen

Mommy and Kellen

I told you he likes to suck his thumb! This is the toy he got after his 4 month check up. It is hilarious!

Great hair!


Tummy time!

Sleeping with his seahorse


Kellen wanted to give this flower to Maddie. We sent this picture to Kellie.

Monday, March 21, 2011

3 Months Old

Kellen just cracks me up!!! His personality is really starting to shine! He is a very happy baby, and loves interactions. He always smiles as soon as he sees me or Evan, now THAT is the best feeling in the world. That is how I know that we are raising him up well! Being a mom is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
He is sleeping 8-10 hours a night! LOVE the sleep!!! He is eating like crazy, 5 ounces every 2.5 hours…except at night, he always sleeps through the night. Kellen has been assigned lots of goofy nicknames too. Those who know Evan and me know that we are very goofy…so Kellen’s nicknames include: Squish, Mr. Squishy Pants, Mr Bean, Beanie Boy and Stinky Butt. I wonder what he will think of his goofy parents when he gets older…will he think that we are goofy? Will he just always be annoyed with our goofiness? Will he be a big ole’ goof? He is a Scorpio, and from what I’ve read he will be Loyal, Passionate, Resourceful, Observant and Dynamic. Here is a little more:
Scorpio is the astrology sign of extremes and intensity. Scorpios are very deep, intense people; there is always more than meets the eye. They show tremendous power, extreme strength, intense passion and a strong will and a persistent drive. Scorpios have a very penetrative mind, do not be surprised if they ask questions, they are trying to delve deeper and figure things out and survey the situation. They always want to know why, where and any other possible detail they can possibly know. Scorpio's are very weary of the games that other people try to play and they are very aware of it. Scorpios tend to dominate and control anyone that lets them, or anyone that they find weak. The person that a Scorpio respects and holds close to them is treated with amazing kindness, loyalty and generosity. On the outside, a Scorpio has great secretiveness and mystery. This magnetically draws people to them.
Evan and I think that he will be an engineer. He loves to watch “How it’s made”, much more than some of the silly baby shows…but he does love to watch Chicka on the Sprout channel. We love Chicka too! She is so cute and happy…and she squeaks a lot!

This is THE Chicka!

Kellen weighs 15 pounds now and is 23.5 inches long. He is wearing size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothing (he can fit some 0-3, but it is a little snug and I hate putting him in snug clothes).

Smiling Boy!

Goofy Boy!

Calm Boy!

Styling Boy!

My Valentine! He likes showing off his guns. He told everyone, "If you mess with my mom, you will have to deal with these guns!" That's my boy!

Samantha's baby shower!

Mommy and her Beanie Boy!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

2 Months Old and Our Christmas

Merry Christmas! Kellen turned 2 months today!!! Everyone asked what I got for Christmas. The best Christmas present I could ever ask for was given to me on 10.25.10!!! Last night I over heard Evan telling Kellen, “Santa is coming tonight, you so you have to sleep all night long and not wake up.” And believe it or not…HE DID! The first time ever!!!! Kellen fell asleep at 11pm and didn't wake up until 6am!!!! That was the first time he has slept through the night! And the first time since BEFORE I got pregnant that I got that much sleep! He listened to his daddy! We woke up and hung out with Kellen in bed for a while, which was so sweet! Then we opened presents and played with Kellen all day long! He got lots of presents and gave us lots of smiles!

Here are some Christmas Baby Pics:)

On 1.7 Kellen had his 2 month check up…which included his first round of immunizations. I scheduled the appointment for a Friday. My mother in law, Charlene, suggested I do that just in case Kellen had a rough night. It wasn’t so bad. It was harder for me I think. He has grown so much since his 1 month check up! During his 1 month check up, we found out that he was 20 inches long, and weighed 9lbs 7.5 ounces, now he is 22 inches long and weighs 13lbs 2 ounces! Mommy is happy!!!!

After I went through the list of questions that I had prepared, it was time for the dreaded shots...I was so upset, but Kellen was laughing and smiling at his doctor and his nurse...I held him on my lap and kissed his head as the nurse gave him an oral immunization, then came the shots. My heart was racing!!! The first shot was given (2 in one thigh, 1 in the other thigh), he let out a scream, then the nurse was done...and to my SURPRISE so was his crying!!! I thought he was going to be crying inconsolably, but boy did he surprise me!!! He was actually smiling and laughing at Evan as I put his clothes back on. Later that night he was a little fussy, and ran a very low fever and was up a little more during the night, but it really wasn’t that bad.

Kellen has been sleeping for 6 hours during the night and 1-2 hour stretches during the day. He eats every 3-4 hours, 4 ounces at a time. He has discovered his tongue!!!! That is hilarious! He has discovered our tongues too, even more hilarious! When we stick our tongue out at him, he sticks his out at us!!! So funny! His personality is starting to show, you will see what I mean when you look at these pictures! We are really having fun now! On 1.6 he rolled over for the first time! He has a new vocabulary word…”Goo” and he has the sweetest little voice! Oh, he says “hi” too, he is so advanced! He is now wearing size 1 in diapers and wears 0-3month clothes.

Kellen showing me his tongue!

Fuzzy Coat from Jen and Amanda:)


Kaden loves Kellen!

Back to work...but I thought being a mommy was my job...

12.6 What is going on??? How can he be growing up this fast!!! I went back to work on December 6. This was a really hard day for me. I wake up at 5:30am, pump from 5:30am-6:00am, get myself ready for work, leave at 6:30 at work by 7:00, pump at 11:30, Work until 2:30, back home by 3:00, say hi and bye to Evan, pump at 3:30, play/change/feed Kellen, cook, clean, and craft until Kellen goes to sleep. I then pump and then I am off to bed. That is my day! The company where we work has worked out an AWESOME schedule for us, so we don’t have to put Kellen in child care! I work Monday-Thursday 7:00am-2:30pm and Fridays 8:00am-5pm, Evan works 4:00pm-1:00am and is off on Friday and Sunday. It is going to be rough for us, but we can do it. And this way Kellen will have his parents all of the time. So, my first day back. I got ready, very slowly. I didn’t want to leave Kellen, but I KNEW he was in good hands. That was the only thing that kept me going. I kissed him a million times good bye, gave Evan a kiss and gave Kellen another million kisses. I started crying. I cried the entire ride to work. Took a deep breathe and walked into work. It was weird being back. My friend Nannette talked to me through out the morning, I know she was trying to keep my mind busy. 2:30 couldn’t come fast enough! I got home and held Kellen all evening long. I did it!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

1 Month Old

Yes, Kellen turned one month on Thanksgiving day...time is FLYING!!!! Anyways, he had his one month check up today 11.30, and it went very well...his dr kept saying, "You are one very healthy little boy!" and "Mom must be putting magic dust in her breast milk!" Well, when he was born he weighed 6 pounds 10 ounces, then after a few days he dropped down to 5 pounds 14 ounces. One week later he went up to 6 pounds 11 ounces, now at his one month check up he is a whopping 9 pounds 7.5 ounces!!!! And is 20 inches long! I am so happy! Kellen eats like crazy! 4 ounces every 4 hours.

He recognizes our faces now and he loves music! We have been working on tummy time. His back is really strong. He holds his little head up very well AND HE STARTED SMILING!!! So much in love! He loves going for car rides and sleeping in our bed…yes, we are co-sleeping. Some moms are against this, but it works for us and we love it! I am such a light sleeper, I know he is fine. We plan to co-sleep for how ever long we feel like we need to. I love co-sleeping! He is making new sounds this week too, “auh” and “ooo”. He is still wearing Newborn size diapers and Newborn size clothes, our little bean!
His Next appointment will be his 2 month check up, on January 3. He will get his shots...

Here are some 1 month pics:

2 Weeks Old!

On 11.9 we took Kellen in for his 2 week check up! He is doing very well! He weighed 6 lbs 11oz! He went over his birth weight! Evan just went back to work; he took 2 weeks off to be with me and Kellen. I am sad that he is back to work, it feels like the vacation is over and time is flying by. I am adjusting; it is a little rough at night now that Evan is back at work. I take all baby duty at night and get very little if any sleep. He is so worth it though! He recognizes me!!! He stares at me while I feed him, and when awake. He just sits there and stares at me. It is amazing and such an overwhelming happy joyous feeling.

Charlene and Les left on 11.10. The house is quiet…even with a newborn! Kellen and I are going to have a chill day and try and catch up on some much needed sleep. He didn't sleep so well last night, he has a blocked tear duct (very normal and nothing to worry about) and his nose is really stuffy, so he is having a hard time breathing, he breaks my heart when I hear him struggle. So, we didn't sleep hardly at all. Yesterday I got him a cool mist humidifier and used it all night, so hopefully (prayers) this will work VERY soon!

2 weeks after having him I am 10 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight. AND, I can fit in to my non pregnancy jeans again! I still need to tighten up my lower belly, but I am SO surprised how quickly my tummy shrank! I am breast feeding and really struggling with it, it hurts SO bad! His pedi told me that babies who are born early (Kellen was born 3 weeks early) typically have a hard time nursing because their mouths are too tiny. But I am pumping about 5 times/day. I hear this helps take the baby weight off.

He sleeps A LOT!!! He sleeps for about 3 hours, then he eats, is up for about 30-60 minutes, then he falls back to sleep. He is more awake at night, but not much more than he is during the day. Oh, I just love him so much!!!! I can't believe how much I love him! I knew I would, but it is so deep that I can't even put it into words. He is my everything! I am so blessed and lucky to have him! Just this week, when he eats, he makes the cutest little, “mmmm-mmmm-mmmm” noises! We caught it on video! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Tummy time!

I think he looks like his daddy!

He recognizes Evan's face.


In the bassinet that Amber, Evan and Hyla all slept in as a baby! And loving the blanket that PapPap's mom knitted.

He recognizes me!

Super cute baby!

Super, SUPER cute baby!

We are in LOVE!